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Analysis of Composite Shell Structures Using Chebyshev Series...see more.
Abdelrady Okasha Mohamed Elnady

Structural Design of Small Remote Sensing Satellites...see more.
Hesham Hamed Ahmed Ibrahim

Gyro-Free Navigator and Autopilot Design...see more.
Haitham Mohamed Magdy Taha

Structural Modification of an Aircraft Tail Structure Using Analytica...see more.
Ahmed Mohamed Rashed Desoki

Implementing Flutter Constraint in Aircraft Multidisciplinary Concept...see more.
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Mohamed

Numerical Solution of the Navier Stokes Equations for Jet Flows...see more.
Mina Adel Shaker Zaki

Attitude Control of Flexible High Speed Civil Transport Aircraft...see more.
Abd El Hady Mohamed Abd El Hady

A Finite Element Model for Smart Piezoelectric Actuators and Sensors...see more.
Essmat Samir Zaghloul Ahmed