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Ductile Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel- GFRP Reinforced Concrete Walls

by : Ahmed Fawzy Mohamed Farag  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mostafa A. Abdeen
Dr. Mohamed M. El-Shabrawy
Dr. Ahmed A. Elansary
( Corrosion; Ductility; Wall; GFRP; Stainless-Steel )

Design of Metasurface-Enabled Guided-Mode Resonance Filters for Near-Infrared Applications

by : Mohamed Alaaeldin Mohamed Mohamed Mousa  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia Hussein Rafat
Dr. Alaa Korany Abdelmageed
( High-quality factor filters; Guided-mode resonances; Metasurfaces; Raman identifications; LiDAR )

Applications of Model Predictive Control (MPC) in Energy Conversion Systems

by : Islam Ahmed Ali Sayed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel Latif Mohamed El-Shafei
( Power System Stabilizer – Model Predictive Control – Wind Power Plant – Linear Quadratic Regulator– Pole Placement )

Numerical Prediction of the Effect of Different Baffle Parameters on the Thermal Performance of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

by : Ahmed Mohamed Abeid Ahmed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel Abdelrahman Megahed
Dr. Essam E. Khalil
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fasseh
( Shell and tube heat exchanger, Baffles, CFD. )

Vibration analysis of tapered Timoshenko beams and Euler - Bernoulli beams on an elastic foundation due to axial and moving loads

by : Omar Khaled Mohamed Bakr -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Nassar
Dr. Mostafa A. Abdeen
Dr. Wael Abbas
( Vibration, Timoshenko, Euler-Bernoulli, DQM, tapered beam. )

Free Torsional Vibration of Rods with Non-Uniform Geometry and Material with Different End Conditions.

by : Name Engy Abd El-Hadi Mohamed Amin -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Abdeen
Dr. Salah ElDin Mostafa Beshier
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed ElShabrawy
( Vibration; Torsional; Non-uniform; One-Dimensional; DQM )

Analysis of stochastic differential equations with fractional noise

by :  Sroor Maged Abd Elhay Mohamed Elnady -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Abd Elaziz Ahmed Elbeltagy
Dr. Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Etman
( Euler Maruyama; Fractional Wiener Hermite Expansion; Fractional Brownian Motion; Monte-Carlo; Fractional Calculus )

Modeling and Predictive Control of Aircraft Longitudinal Motion based on Different Artificial Intelligence Techniques

by : Basma Elsayed Mohamed Elsayed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Abd Elaziz Ahmed Elbeltagy
( Longitudinal motion of aircraft, ANFIS ,ANN, ITAE, MPC )

A Critical Study Of Higher Order Discontinuous Finite Element Methods For Solution Of Euler Equations

by : Yasien Essameldin Saadeldin Abdelaziz -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Maha Amin Ali Hassanein
Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Ahmed Elbeltagy
Dr. Tamer Hishmat Mohamed Ali Kassem
( higher order discontinuous finite element methods for unstructured grids; Euler equations; von Neumann stability analysis; polynomial-based approximation; spatial discretization. )

Forecasting Of Renewable Energy Using Ann, Gpann And Anfis (A Comparative Study And Performance Analysis).

by : Omnia Abd Al-Azeem Hussieny Ahmed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed A. El-Beltagy
Dr. Samah El-Tantawy
( Forecasting, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Adaptive Neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). )

Stochastic Flow In Porous Media

by : Hesham Mustafa AbdelHady -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Beltagy Mohamed
Dr. Etman Ahmed
( Porous media; Uncertainty quantification; Stochastic flow in porous media; Polynomial Chaos expansion; Karhunen-Loeve expansion. )

modeling and simulating Perovskite Nanorod solar cells

by : Nouran Mohamed Ali -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia Hussein Rafat
Dr. Tamer Ashour Elsayed Ali
( Photovoltaic; Energy Harvesting; FEM; Conformal mapping; hexagonal-shaped Nanorod. )

Generalization and Control of Chaotic Systems Using Extra Parameters and Affine Transformations

by : Wafaa Saber AbdelHalim Sayed -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. AbdelLatif E. Hussien
Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan, Nile University
Dr. Hossam A. H. Fahmy
( Fractional dynamics; Hidden attractors; Image encryption; Non-autonomous control; Switched synchronization )

Software Defect Prediction Using Data Categorization and Machine Learning Techniques

by : Moheb Mofied Ragheb Henein -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Salwa K. Abd-El-Hafiz
Dr. Doaa M. Shawky
( Defect; Software Defect Prediction; Artificial Neural Network; Data Im- balance; Overlap )

Dimmable Optical Impulse Modulation For Visible Light Communication.

by : Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammad Emam -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hany L. Abdel-Malek
Dr. Mohamed Darwish A. Mohamed
( Visible Light communication, Dimming Target, Optical Impulse Modulation, Dimmable Optical Impulse Modulation. )

Volume Integral Equations Formulation for Plasmonic Nano Devices in Layered Media

by : Esraa Mohamed Abdelkhaleq Mahdy -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Alaa K. Abdelmageed
Dr. Ezzeldin A. Soliman, The American University
( Plasmonics; Volume Integral Equations; Discrete Complex Images; Method of Moments; Nanoantennas )

Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for solution of stochastic differential equation and its applications.

by : Shady Ahmed Nagy -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed A. El-Beltagy
Dr. Mohammed Wafa
( Stochastic differential equations; Stochastic processes; Numerical analysis; Multilevel Monte Carlo; Low discrepancy sequences. )

Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer Enhancement In Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using Twisted-Tape Insert

by : Ahmed Shamndi Zaree Mohamed Hwary -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel Megahed.
Dr. Samir Abohadima.
Dr. Essam E. Khalil.
Dr. Mohamed El-Shabrawy.
( Twisted tape; Viscous flow; Steady incompressible flow; Computational Fluid Dynamics. )

The Iterative Refinement Method For Linear Integral And Fractional Integro- Differential Equations

by : Sara Essam Shawky Sief -  Phd - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Said Rizk Jeries
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Label-Free Highly Sensitive Biosensors Based Silicon on Insulator

by : Ahmed samy Saad El-Din Ahmed  -  Phd - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Essam M. A. Elkaramany
Dr. Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed
( DNA hybridization, Label-free biosensor, Slot-waveguide, SOL, Surface Plasmon )

Optimal Designs of Photonic Crystal Fiber Structures and EM-Based Systems Using Modified Trust Region Optimization Algorithms

by : Ahmed Essam Hammad Haggag  -  Phd - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. O. Hassan
Dr. Mohamed F. O. I. Hameed, Mansoura University
( Trust region; Design centering; Box constrained optimization; photonic crystal fiber; yield optimization )

Evaluation of Accident Initiated by Reactivity Insertion in PWR

by : Hala Kamal Girgis Selim -  Phd - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hassan El-Sayed Sharaf El-Deen Roushdy
Dr. Esmat Hanem Ali Amin
Dr. Hamdy Mahmoud Hussein
( Reactor Safety; Neutron/ Thermal-Hydraulic Coupling; Rod Ejection Accident; (Th-Pu) O2; UO2/MOX )

Optimal Design of Nano Antennas and Microwave Systems Using Kriging Surrogate Models.

by : Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Etman -  Phd - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. O. Hassan
Dr. Ezz A. Soliman, the American University
( Kriging Models; Multi-objective optimization; Design centering; Nano antennas; Microwave systems. )

A Model for the Effects of Wind Stress and Progressive Waves on Sea Coastal Currents

by : Osama Khaled Abdel-monem Mohamed Aly -  MSc - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mamdouh Abdelhamied Fahmy
Dr. Khaled M. Fasseih
Dr. Mohamed M. El-Shabrawy
( Coastal currents; Wind stress variation; shallow water equations; combined effects of wind and waves; two dimensional numerical model. )

New Impedance Boundary Condition in Three-Dimensional Circuit Models for Treatment of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems

by : Mahmoud Maree Eid Tammam -  MSc - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Essam Mohamed Elkaramany
Dr. Fayza Gamal Abo El-hadeed
( New impedance, Boundary condition, Scattering, Long transmission line )

Blade Shape Optimization of Aircraft Propeller Using Space Mapping Surrogates

by : Usama Toson Fouad Toman -  MSc - 2018
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. O. Hassan
Dr. Farouk M. Owis
Dr. Ahmed S. A. Mohamed
( Propeller design optimization, blade element method, computational fluid dynamics, space mapping, kriging, surrogate model )

Heat Transfer Enhancement of Nanofluids in Forced Convection Finite Element Model-

by : Ivan Garbis Zaven Miskdjian -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel AbdElrahman Megahed
Dr. Amr Gamal Guaily
( Nanofluids, Unsteady Flow, Heat Transfer, Finite Element, Forced Convection. )

Design of Interference-Based All Optical Photonic Crystal Logic Gates

by : Hussein Mohamed El-Sayed Hussein -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia Hussein Rafat
Dr. Tamer Ashour Ali
( Photonic Band Gap; Plane Wave Expansion; Finite-Difference Time-Domain; Optical Interference; Logic Gates )

A New Analytical Model for a Graded-Base Single Quantum Well Transistor Laser ﻧﻣ

by : Mostafa Radwan Hassan Abdelhamid -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia Hussein Rafat
( Transistor Laser; Quantum-Well; Optoelectronics; modeling; composition grading )

Landmine Detection Through Hyperspectral images

by : Mohamed Ezz Eldin Hassan ElGohary -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Hesham Farouk
Dr. Issa Hamid
( )

Galerkin/Least-Squares FEM on A GPU Architecture for Viscoelastic Fluids

by : Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Ayyad -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Maha Amin Hassanein
Dr. Amr Gamal Guaily
( Finite Element Method, Graphics Processing Units, Glaerkin/least-squares-method, Viscoelastic fluid )

Three-dimensional Modeling of Vacuum Nanoelectronic Devices

by : Mohammad El-Sayed Khalifa Hussein -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia H. Rafat
Dr. Ashraf Hafez Badawi, Zewail City
Dr. Tamer Ashour Ali
( Vacuum Nanotriodes; Field Emission; Rectennas; Geometric Rectification; Transfer-Matrix Method )

Enhancing Plasmonic Photovoltaic Using Embedded Metal Nanoparticles

by : Marina Medhat Rassmi Melek -  MSc - 2017
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Alaa K. Abdelmageed
Dr. Ezzeldin A. Soliman, American University
Dr. Yasser M. El-Batawy
( photovoltaic, Plasmonic, Metal Nanoparticles, Nanoantennes, Plasmonic Solarcells. )

A Theoretical Study of Optical Efficiency Enhancement in Solar Cells with Nano-Plasmonic Surface Gratings

by : Mohamed Yehya Abbas AbdElgawad Nada -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A. AbouelSaood
Dr. Tamer A. Ali
( Plasmonics, surface plasmon polariton, Solar cells, Optical efficiency, Current enhancement )

Nanostructured Oxynitrides for Solar Fuel Cells Applications

by : Ahmed Mostafa Hafez Abdelaziz -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Noha Mohammed Salem
Dr. Nageh Khalaf Allam, AUC
( Density Functional Theory, Anodization, Photocatalysis, Water Splitting, Carbon Dioxide Reduction. )

The analysis of stress intensity factor in a plate with different types of cracks using boundary element method

by : Osama Elsayed Gamea Abdlsamea -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Nassar
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abdeen
Dr. Tamer Heshmat Kasem
( Boundary element method, Stress intensity factor, Singular stress element )

A Trust Region Approach with Multivariate Padé Model for the Optimization of Regular and Fractional Order Circuits

by : Shaimaa Ebid Kamel Ebid -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hany L. Abdel-Malek
Dr. Ahmed S. A. Mohamed
( Plasmonics, surface plasmon polariton, Solar cells, Optical efficiency, Current enhancement )

Analysis and design of a Reflectarray Antenna for x-bard Applications

by : Hesham Mohamed Ahmed Yamani -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Alaa K. Abdelmageed
Dr. Ahmed M. Attiya, Electronics Research Institute
( Padé model, Trust region optimization, Sensitivity analysis, Yield optimization, Fractional order circuits )

Speech Modules for Enhancement of Computer Aided Pronunciation Learning System

by : Mustafa Abdullah El-Hosiny Abdullah -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen A. Rashwan
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Gamal
( Deep Neural Network, Computer Aided Pronunciation Learning, Hidden Markov Model, Speech Recognition )

Effect of Self Assembled Quantum Dots on Carrier Mobility, with Application to Modeling the Dark Current in Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors

by : Sarah Youssef Abdelrahman Ahmed -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A. Abouelsaood
Dr. Yasser M. El-Batawy
( Quantum dot infrared photodetectors, quantum dots, mobility, dark current, Boltzmann transport equation )

Assessment of Time Dependent and in-Dependent Failure Theories and Interfacing with FE code

by : Mostafa Ahmed Sayed Ibrahim El-Absawy -  MSc - 2016
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel A. Megahed
Dr.Mohamed Nader M. Abuelfoutouh
( Assessment - Fatigue - Creep - Fatigue Creep Interaction - Interface with Commercial FE Software. )

Proposed Schemes for Enhancing Coordination of Directional Over Current Relays in Meshed Distribution with DG Units.

by : Hebatallah Mohamed Mahmoud Sharaf -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mamdouh Abd El Aziz (رحمه الله)
Dr. Essam El-Din Abo El-Zahab
Dr. Doaa Khalil Ibrahim
Dr. Hatem Hussein Magdi Zeineldin
( Directional Over Current Relays, Optimal Coordination, Distributed Generation, Meshed Distribution Systems. )

Development of New Systems Paradigm Based on the "Time Driven-Event Driven-Parameters Changes" with Applications. "

by : Ahmed Rabie Ginidi Ginidi -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hassen Taher Dorrah
( Consolidity-Based Theory of Change, Event-Driven, Time-Driven System Configuration, Parameters Changes, Simulation Analysis. )


by : Mohamed Abdul Raouf Shafei Ali El-Shafei -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Essam El-Din Abo El-Zahab
Dr. Doaa Khalil Ibrahim
Dr. Mohamed Adel Younes, National Water Research Centre
( Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion System, Genetic Algorithm, Biogeography-Based Optimization. )


by : Mohamed Ossama Mahmoud -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Aziz (May Allah forgive him)
Dr. Essam El-Din Aboul Zahab
Dr. Hanafy Hassan Hanafy
( Over voltage, Voltage transient, Voltage elimination, Capacitor switching )

Maximization of The Capacity of Dispatch able DG Units To Be Installed On Radial Distribution System.

by : Taha Abdel Hady Abdel Baseer Hussein -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Farrag
( Radial feeder – Distributed generation – Conventional units – Optimal sites – Optimal capacity. )

Implementation of Variable Frequency Transformers to Stabilize Electric Power Systems.

by : Islam Saad El-Sayed Emam -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Khairy Farahat Ali Helwa
( Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT), Wound Rotor Induction Machine (WRIM), Asynchronous Network Interconnections, Power Flow, Synchronization, Wind Energy Farm. )

External Corrosion Control of the Underground Steel Pipelines Using Cathodic Protection Systems.

by : Mohamed Salama El-Sayed Hammad -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. M. Mamdouh Abdelaziz (God's mercy)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Ahmed Ibrahim
( Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Sacrificial Anode, Impressed Current, Polarization Resistance. )

Improving Voltage Stability of Wind Farms Connected to Weak Grids Using Fact.

by : Mohsen Gala Yahia Kamel -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Essam-Eldin Aboul Zahab
Dr. Mohamed Sawky Sadd
( Wind Farms, Voltage Stability, Weak Grids, SVC, STATCOM. )


by : Yahia Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hosam Kamal M. Youssef
Dr. Mohamed Ali Abo-El Magd
Dr. Rasha M. A. El-Azab, Helwan University

Modeling Terahertz Radiation Detection Using Field Transistors Beyond Cutoff

by : Nehal Yassien Mohamed Ibrahim -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Salah Eldin A. Elnahwy
Dr. Nadia H. Raafat
( Terahertz, Detection, Effect Transistors, Modeling, Non Quasi Static )

Vibrations Analysis of Laminated Composite and Euler Bernoulli Beams using Differential Transformation Method

by : Souma M. Abdel-Ghani Mohamed -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar
Dr. Adel A. Abdel Gawad
Dr. Karem Mahmoud Ewis, Fayoum University
( Vibrations, Laminated beams, Composite beams, Euler Bernoulli beams, Differential transformation method )

The Biophysics of the Biological Diffusion Mechanism of Human Cellsin 3D Proliferation

by : Amina M. Mohamed Fahim Sakr -  Phd - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat A. El-Messiery
Dr. Manal M. A. Awad
Dr. Noha M. A. Salem
( Biological Diffusion Coefficient, Biological Cellular Growth, 3D Proliferation, Tumor Cellular Growth, Cell Division )

by : Shrief Hamdy Abdel-Haleem Mohamed -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Salwa Kamal Abd-El-Hafiz
Dr. Ahmed Gomaa Ahmed Radwan
( Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Image Encryption, Information Security, Fractional-Order, Fractals, Generalized Feistel Networks, Linear Feedback Shift Register, S-Boxes, Keystream Generator, Chess, Horse Movement, Permutation Matrix, Chaotic equations, Chaotic Maps. )

Speaker Identification using Minimum Volume Ellipsoids and Large-Margin Criterion

by : Omar Abdallah Abdelfatah -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. Hassan
Dr. MoatazM. H. El-Ayadi
Dr. Ahmed A. A. Mahmoud
( Speaker Identification, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Discriminative Training, Large-Margin Estimation, Robust Estimation, Minimum Volume Ellipsoid, Minimum Covariance Determinant )

Enhanced Model of Conductive Filament-Based Memristor and its application on some Circuits

by : Amr Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia H. Rafat
Dr. Hassan Ali Hassan Fahmy
( Memristors, Filament-Based Memristors, Trapezoidal Barrier, Tunneling, Simmons Tunneling Model For Dissimilar Electrodes, Airy Function, SPICE Model )

Numerical Simulation of Spray Evaporation During Hybrid Rocket Engine Ignition Phase

by : Mohamed Elshafey Abdallah -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Farouk M. Owis
Dr. Samir Abohadima
Dr. Amr Gamal Gauilly
( Two Phase Flow, Hybrid Engine, Ignition, Evaporation, Solid Grain, Liquid Propellant )

Generalized Chaotic Maps and Elementary Functions between Analysis and Implementation

by : Wafaa Saber Abdel Halim Sayed -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Latif E. Hussien
Dr. Hossam A. H. Fahmy
Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan
( Logistic Map, Tent Map, Digital Implementation, Finite Precision, Power Function )

Numerical Simulation of Pulsating Incompressible Viscous Flow in Elastic Tubes

by : Osama Ali Abdelmonem -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Samir Tosson
Dr. Amr Gamal Guaily
( Incompressible Viscous Flow, Finite Element And Streamline Upwind / Petrov-Galerkin, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction )

A Biophysics Approach to Generate Synthetic Morphologies for Real Dendritic Reconstructions of Neuronal Cells

by : Mina Youssif Ibrahim Elias -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat A. El-Messiery
Dr. Manal Mostafa Awad
Dr. Noha Mohamed Salem
( Dendritic Morphology, Branching Order, Sholl Footprint, Electrotonic Footprint )

Compact Model for Double Gate Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor

by : Mohamed Youssef Hassan Sayed -  MSc - 2015
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia Hussein Rafat
Dr. Serag El-Din El Sayed Habib
( TFET, Double Gate, DG TFET, Compact Model )

The Application of Homotopy Analysis Method in Solving Stochastic Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

by : Aisha Fathey Abdel-Kader -  Phd - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Magdy A. El-Tawil (The Late),Dr. Hanafi S. El-Zoheiry,Dr. Labib I. Hana,Dr. Mohamed A. El-Beltagy,Dr. Hany N. Hassan, Benha University
( Stochastic nonlinear diffusion equation, Homotopy analysis method, WHEP technique, Convergence-controller parameter )

Optimal Design of Computationally Expensive Engineering Systems using Normed Distance and Surrogate Models

by : Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Etman -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. Omar,Dr. Tamer M. El-Sayed,Dr. Azza A. Rabee
( Optimal design, Design centering, Normed distance, CEES, Surrogate models )

Transmission Line Model of the Vocal Tract with Side Branching for Arabic

by : Donia Mahmoud Nasr Mostafa -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk,Dr. Samia I. Moustafa
( Transmission linemodeling, Vocal tract, Glottal excitation, Branching )

Nanorods in Solar Energy Harvesting

by : Nouran Mohamed Ali -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia H. Raafat,Dr. Nageh K. Allam, A.U.C,Dr. Ashraf M. Abdel-Halim, Fayoum University
( Photovoltaic, Solar cells, Nanorods, Radial, Finite difference, DFT theory, Green's function, Photoelectrolysis, Sr-doped Ti02 )

Moving Object Tracking and Range Detection using Image Processing Techniques

by : Adel Mohamed El-Sayed -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk,Dr. Amr G. Guaily
( Visual tracking, Moving target tracking, Range estimation, Motion detection )

Modeling and Analysis of Mem-elements-based Circuits

by : Mohammed El-Neanaei Abdel Moneem  -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan
( Mem-element, Memristor, Memcapacitor, Meminductor, Linear model, Nonlinear model, Emulator, Relaxation oscillator )

Fully Unsupervised Hyperspectral Image Analysis

by : Ahmed Mohamed Said El-Shiekh -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk
( Hyperspectral, Material count estimation, Endmember extraction, Spectral unmixing, Clustering, Bases pursuit )

Electromagnetic Scattering by a Conducting Cylinder Coated with an Inhomogeneous Material

by : Ahmed Abdo Shafek Sakr -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Alaa K. Abdel-Mageed,Dr. Ezz El-Dien A. Soliman, A.U.C
( Scattering, Coated cylinder, Inhomogeneous, Integral equations, Moment method, Optimization techniques, Cloaking )

A Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Model for Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Equations

by : Waddaa M. Hosban Mohamed -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mamdouh A. Fahmy
( Shallow water equations, Finite element, Discontinuous galerkin, Slope limiter. Numerical flux )

Simplified Neuron Model with Memristive Ionic channels

by : Almoataz-bellah M. Hegab -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Noha M. Salem
( Neuron model, Hodgkin and huxley equations, Memristors )

Optimal Design of Photonic Crystal Structures

by : Mahmoud M. Taha Abdullah -  MSc - 2014
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. Omar,Dr. Nadia H. Raafat,Dr. Ahmed S. Abdel-Samee
( Optimal system design, Simulated-driven optimization, Minimax optimization, Design centering, Photonic crystal, Optical filter, thermophotovoltaic system, Spectral filter )

Infrared Solar Energy Harvesting using Nano-Rectennas

by : Islam Esmat M. Hashem Sayed -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nadia H. Raafat,Dr. Ezz El-Dien A. Soliman, A.U.C.
( MIM Diodes, Rectifiers, Tunneling, Plasmonics, Nantennas, Transmission Lines, Rectennas )

Modeling the Dark Current and the Absorption Coefficient of Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors

by : Tarek Ahmed Ameen Beshari -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A. Aboul-Saood,Dr. Yasser M. El-Batawy
( Light Absorption, Quantum Dots, Infrared Photodetector, Dark Current, Non Equilibrium Green’s Function )

Solving Multidimensional Nonlinear Perturbed Problems using Interval Arithmetic

by : Islam Refaat Kamel Taha -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Maha A. Hassanien,Dr. Hossam A. Hassan
( Interval arithmetic, Perturbed problems, Nonlinear systems, Interval Newton method )

Resonance Frequencies of Arbitrary Shaped Microstrip patch Antennas using Two-Dimensional Circuit Models

by : Ahmed Samy Saad El-Din Ahmed -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Essam M. El-Karamany
( Resonance frequencies, Microstrip patch antennas, Two-dimensional circuit models, Maxwell’s field equations )

A New Approach for Surrogate-Based Trust Region Optimization with Applications in Optimal System Design

by : Ahmed Essam Hamad Haggag -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. Omar,Dr. Hany L. Abdel-Malek,Dr. Ahmed S. Abdel-Samee
( Optimal design, Derivative-free optimization, Trust region, Quadratic surrogate model, yield optimization )

Cloaking a Large Dielectric Sphere using Metamaterials Covers

by : Islam Sayed Hassan M. Afifi -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A. Aboul-Saood,Dr. Islam A. Esherah
( Metamaterial, Cloaking, Mie theory, Neural network, Genetic algorithm )

Two Numerical Models of the Red Sea Hydro-Thermal Circulation

by : Mohamed M. Elshabrawy  -  Phd - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mamdouh A. Fahmy,Dr. Khaled M. Fasseh
( Red sea, Hdro circulation, Thermal circulation, Depth integrated, Three dimensional )

Stochastic Finite Volume Method Based on Polynomial Chaos Expansion to Solve Stochstic Partial Differential Equations

by : Mohamed Ibrahim Abd El-Hmeed  -  Phd - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ekram F. Abdel-Gawad,Dr. Magdy A. El-Tawil (The Late),Dr. Mohamed A. El-Beltagy,Dr. Osama H. Galal, Al-Fayyum University
( Finite, Volume method, Polynomial chaos expansion, Incompressible navier, Stokes, Partial differential equations )

Improving Arabic Phonemes Recognition using Nonlinear Features

by : Haidy Yehia Fathi Mahmoud  -  MSc - 2013
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk
( Phonemes recognition, Nonlinear features, Lyapunov exponent, Time lag, Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients )

Microwave Circuit Optimization Via A Non-Derivative Trust Region Approach and Space Mapping Surrogates

by : Ahmed Yehia El-sharabasy  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Karim S. Omar,Dr. Ahmed S. Abdel-Sameea
( Microwave circuit design, Yield optimization, NDO with trust region )

Wiener Functional, Integrals, and Stochastic Differential Equations Solutions using Euler-Maruyama, Picard and WHEP, Computer Simulation Study

by : Waleed Shawki M. Abd AlSalam  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Magdy A. El Tawil,Dr. Eman R. El-Maghraby
( The Stochastic processes, Wiener processes, Numerical stochastic integration, Euler-Maruyama, Picard, WHEP, Linear stochastic differential equation, Nonlinear stochastic differential equation )

A Study of the Raman Spectrum of Simple Clathrate Hydrates of Hydrogen

by : Mohamed Ashraf Saad Zaghloul -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Noha M. Salem,Dr. Salah M. El-Sheikh, A.U.C
( Clathrates, Clathrate hydrates, Raman spectroscopy, Vibrational spectrum )

Validation and Benchmarking of the Deterministic ‎Diffusion Method for the Neutronic Calculations of ‎Thermal Research Reactors

by : Ahmed Salah El-Din Ahmed Shama  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hamdy M. Hussien,Dr. Esmat Hanem A. Amin, Atomic Energy Authority
( Neutronic calculations, Safety analysis, MTR research reactors, Benchmark studies, TRIGA fuel, TRX, BAPL )

Domain-Limited Solution of the Wave Equation in Riemannian Coordinates

by : Adel Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk,Dr. Mohamed A. El-Beltagy
( Seismic imaging, Wave equation, Reverse time migration, Riemannian coordinates )

Modeling of Dark Current in Quanutm Dot Infrared Photodetectors

by : Amr Mohammed Shahat  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A. Abouel-Saoud,Dr. Yasser M. El-Batawy
( Quantum dots, Infrared photodetectors, Dark current, Coulomb’s blockade )

Snap-Through Buckling of A Shallow Arch Resting on Foundations

by : Ahmed Anwar Mohamed Ismail -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr. Mohamed T. Hassan
( Snap-through buckling, Shallow arch, Moving point load, Foundations )

Surrogate Based Optimization using Kriging Models with Applications

by : Amira Mohammed Desoky Salama  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Kariem S. Omar,Dr. Shahwar F. Ragab,Dr. Sameh A. Dakroury
( Circuit design, Design centering, Kriging models )

Analysis of Stability and Free Vibration Behavior of Tapered Beams on Two Parameter Elastic Foundation using Differential Quadrature Method

by : Mahmoud Essam Abdel-Azim  -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr. Mohamed T. Hassan
( Stability, Free vibration, Tapered beam, Two parameter elastic foundation )

Dynamic Analysis of Timoshenko Beams using Adomian Decomposition Method

by : Ashraf Hussien Abdel-Aziz Omar -  MSc - 2012
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr. Mohamed T. Hassan
( Free vibration, Forced vibration, Natural frequency, Stability parameter, Timoshenko, Adomian decomposition method )

The Application of Homotopy Analysis Method in Solving Initial and Boundary Value Problems

by : Hany Nasr Hassan Mohammed  -  Phd - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Magdy A. El-Tawil
( Homotopy analysis method (HAM), Modified HAM, A new technique of HAM, Nonlinear initial and boundary value problems, Series solutions )

Optimal Circuit Design Exploiting Semidefinite Programming

by : Ahmed Abdel-Naby Ahmed -  Phd - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. Omar ,Dr. Maha A. Hasanein
( Circuit design, Design centering, Semidefinite programming )

New Approaches for Linear and Quadratic Programming with Applications in Parametric Quadratic Programming

by : Hesham Osman Mohamed Ali -  Phd - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Sayed A. Hassan ,Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. Hassan
( Descent, Ellipsoidal method, IPM, LP, QP, PQP, Murty )

Non-Linear Buckling Problem of the Delaminated Cylindrical Shells (DQM)

by : Ahmed Salah El-Dien Nasef  -  Phd - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar ,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad
( Cylindrical Shells, Delamination, Differential Quadrature, Buckling )

Stability Analysis of Uniform and Non-Uniform Column Resting on Elastic Foundation Subjected to Follower force using Differential Quadrature Method

by : Ramadan Shaaban Mohamed  -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar ,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad
( Uniform, Non-uniform, Vibrations, Follower force and Differential Quadrature Method )

Numerical Treatment of Fluid Flow through Square and Triangular Ducts

by : Sherif Elsayed Adel Ateya -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel A. Megahed
( Computational fluid dynamics, Non-newtonian, Fully developed, Square ducts, Triangular ducts )

Vibration Analysis of Beams Resting on Elastic Foundations using Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

by : Fathy Abdel-Azeem Abdel-Mageed -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar ,Dr. Adel A. AbdeI-Gawad
( Vibration, Elastic Foundations, Differential Quadrature Method )

Numerical Simulation of Some Unsteady Fluid Flow Problems

by : Mahmoud Abdel-Mawla Ismail  -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Adel A. Megahed ,Dr. Abdel-Rahman A. Saad, Banha University, Shoubra
( Computational fluid dynamics, Finite difference method, Motion in square cavity )

Wavelet- Based Denoising with Applications to Speech Signals

by : Menat Allah Mahmoud Mohamed -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nabila P. Ata-Allah ,Dr. Maha A. Hasanien ,Dr. Magdy T. Hanna, Fayoum University
( Wavelets, Wavelet denoising, Undecimated Wavelet, Trimmed thresholding, Speech enhancement )

Conic Optimization with applications on Classification and Analog Fault Diagnosis

by : Ahmed Atef Ibrahim Ibrahim  -  MSc - 2011
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. Omar ,Dr. Mohamed A. El-Gamal
( Conic optimization, Classification, Analog fault diagnosis. )

On Stochastic Nonlinear Diffusion Problems

by : Aisha Fathy Abdelqader Fareed -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Magdy A. El-Tawil
( Stochastic Nonlinear Diffusion Problems )

Quantitative Analysis of Cubic and Quintic Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations

by : Sherif Eid Nasr Ali -  Phd - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Magdy A. El-Tawil ,Dr. Hanafy S. El-Zoheiry ,Dr. Labib I. Hanna
( Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations, Eigen function Expansion, Picard Approximation, Perturbation Technique )

Developing a Hidden Markov Model for Keyword Spotting of Arabic Speech with investigation of IP based network effect

by : Mohamed Osama Mohamed  -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed H. Farouk
( Keyword Spotting, Speech Recognition, Packet Loss, Arabic Keyword Spotting, Arabic Speech Recognition, Distributed Speech Recognition, DSR, Arabic Distributed Speech Recognition )

Dynamic Buckling of Columns

by : Ibrahim Gamal El-dien Rashwan -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar ,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad ,Dr. Morad W. El-Mallah (The Late)
( Dynamic buckling, Perfect plastic, Amplification function )

Some Proposed Quantum Dot Structures

by : Hytham Ashraf Mohamed Mousa  -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Salah El-Dien A. El-Nahwy ,Dr. Nadia H. Raafat ,Dr. Samia I. Moustafa
( Quantum computer, Quantum dot, Qubit, Heterostructures, Electron spin )

Solution and Parametric Analysis of Uniform and Non-Uniform Beams Resting on Fluid Layer Using DQM

by : Ramzy Mohamed Abd El-Rahman  -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed K. Helal ,Dr. Salah El-Dien M. Beshir
( Uniform and non-uniform beams, Natural frequencies, Deflections, buckling, DQM )

A Derivative-Free Trust Region Optimization Method Using Quadratic Approximation with Applications in Stochastic Optimization

by : Aya Tollah Moustafa Saber  -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hany L. Abdel-Malek ,Dr. Abdel-Kareem S. Omar ,Dr. Azza A. Ahmed
( Derivative-free optimization, Trust region, Stochastic optimization )

Solution of Elastic and Plastic Beams and Plates using Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

by : Mohamed M. Zein El-Abideen -  MSc - 2010
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. Nassar ,Dr. Adel A. Abdel-Gawad
( Differential Quadrature Method, Beams, Plates, Impulsive loads, Functionally Graded Materials )

Finite Difference Solutions of Some Non-NewtonianFluids Flow and Heat Transfer in Ducts

by : Karem Mahmoud Ewis El-Sayed -  Phd - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sayed, M. E. * ,Dr. Hussein, A. E.
( Non-Newtonian fluids, Finite difference, Porous medium, Unsteady MHD flow )

A One Dimensional Model for Free-Electron Lasers and Its Application to the Study of Harmonic Generation

by : Osman Sayed Mohammed Ahmed  -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aboul-Saood, A. A.,Dr. Abuel-Fadl, T. M.
( Electron lasers, Synchrotron, Linear model, Nonlinear model, Space charge, Sideband instabilities, Harmonic generation )

Spectral Analysis of Coders Effect on Speech

by : Amr Nabil Abd El-Samea  -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Farouk, M. H.
( Spectral analysis, Arabic speech, Speech coders, Pitch period )

Polycrystalline Silicon Grain Boundaries Modeling and Solar Cell Simulation

by : Mena Danil Asham Moawad -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raafat, N. H.,Dr. El-Nahwy, S. A. ,Dr. Hassan, M. F. *
( Polycrystalline, Silicon, Semiconductor, Grain boundary, Solar cell )

Numerical Solution of Acoustic Scattering Integral Equations for Axisymmetric Multibodies

by : Yasser El-said Hussein Youssef  -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.,Dr. Farouk, M. H. ,Dr. Abdel-Mageed, M. Z. *
( Acoustic scattering, Helmholtz equation, Boundary integral equations, Moment methods, Method of weighted residuals )

Semidefinite Programming with an Application on Detection of Multiuser MIMO Communication Systems

by : Hassan Aboubakr Hassan Omar  -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Al-Hussaini, E. K.,Dr. Hassan, A. S.
( Semidefinite programming, Maximum likelihood detection, Multiuser detection, MIMO communication systems )

Comparison between LQR and Genetic Algorithms Methods to Solve Active Suspension Systems

by : Mohamed Salah Imam Mohamed -  MSc - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A.,Dr. Attwa, M. A.
( Suspension system, Active suspension, LQR, Optimization, Genetic algorithm )

Coaxial Plasma Discharge Dynamics and Characteristics

by : Hanaa Abdel-Fattah El-Sayed Kalil -  Phd - 2009
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, H. M. ,Dr. Ahmed, H. M. *
( Coaxial discharge, Luminous radiation, Snowplow model )

Numerical Study for Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer of Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in a Rectangular Duct Using Finite Element Method

by : Amal Saif Elyazal Mohamed  -  Phd - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hanna, L. I.,Dr. Sayed, M. E. * ,Dr. Sharaf El-Dien, H. H. *
( Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Method, Non-Newtonian Fluids )

Linear and Nonlinear Free Vibrations of Delaminated Beam-Plates by the Generalized Differential Quadrature Methods

by : Ramadan Ahmed Esmaeel Ahmed -  Phd - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.,Dr. Abdel-Tawab, A. M. *
( Numerical Analysis, Free Vibrations, Differential Quadrature Method, Delamiated Beam-Plates )

Optimization of Computationally Expensive Engineering Systems Exploiting Space Mapping Surrogates

by : Sameh Abdel Rahman Sadek  -  Phd - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Malek, H. L.,Dr. Hassan, A. S.,Dr. Soliman, E. A.
( CAD Optimization, Space Mapping, Surrogate Models, Design Centering, Microwave Circuits, Ellipsoidal Technique )

On the Serial and Parallel Finite-Volume Solutions of the IncompressibleNavier-Stokes Equations Using Unstructured Grids

by : Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Ahmed -  Phd - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sherief, A. O.,Dr. Hussein, A. E.
( Incompressible Navier-Stokes, Finite Volume, Unstructured Grids, Parallel Computing, Solution Optimization, Backstep Flow )

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay

by : Ayman Mohamed Abd El Hameed -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A.A. ,Dr. Abou Kiefa, M. A.
( Pile, Dynamic Load, Soil, Analytical, Subgrade, Elastic-Plastic, Reaction, Clay, Bending Moment and Deflection )

Fourier Spectral Methods for Solving The Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

by : Hany Nasr Hassan Mohammed -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hana, L. I. ,Dr. Hassan, H. K.
( Spectral Methods, Fast Fourier Transform, Nonlinear Waves, Solitary Waves, Korteweg-De Vries Equation, Regularized Long Wave Equation, Boussinesq Equation )

Effect of Approximations in Reactor Geometry on Burn-Up Calculations for MTR Type Reactors

by : Amina Mohamed Mohamed Fahim  -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, H. M. ,Dr. Eid, A. I. ,Dr. Amin, E. A. *
( Burn-Up Calculations, Control Rods, MTR Reactor )

Fault Classification in Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits using Prototype Methods

by : Mohamed Ibrahim Abd El-Hmeed -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.,Dr. Salama, A. E. (The Late),Dr. Hussein, A. E.
( Analog Circuits, Mixed-Signal Circuits, Fault Classification, Prototype Methods, Testing )

Study of Electron Transport through Carbon Nanotubes and Their Performance in Electronic Circuits

by : Amr Ahmed Essawi Saleh  -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raafat, N. H.,Dr. Fahmy, H. A.
( Carbon Nanotubes, Nanotube Transistors, Circuit Simulation, Electron Transport, Energy Subbands, Interconnects, Wave Packet Propagation )

Vibration of Edge-Cracked Beam with Variable Cross Section Using Differential Quadrature Method

by : Souma Mohammed Abdel Ghani -  MSc - 2008
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.,Dr. Abdel-Twoab, A. M. *
( Beam, Crack, Vibration Analysis )

A New Treatment for Solving a Certain Type of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

by : Tamer Ahmed Mohamed Abassy -  Phd - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Zoheiry, H. S.,Dr. El-Tawil, M. A.
( Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Modified Variational Iteration Method (MVIM), Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM), Padé Approximants, Implicit Finite Difference Method, Solitary Wave Equations, Compacton Equations )

A New Algorithm for Some Linear Complementarity Problems with Applications

by : Iman Mohamed Shaban Sharaf  -  Phd - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Malek, H. L.,Dr. Omar, A. S. ,Dr. Bassily, S. A.
( Linear Complementarity Problem; Convex Quadratic Programming; Linear Programming )

Stock Market Sectors Forecasting

by : Ghada Abdel Mouez Mohammed  -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.,Dr. Attia, A. F.,Dr. Hashem, S. R.
( Forecasting, Sectors, Indexes, Stock Market, Model, Multiple Regression, Neural Network )

Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Mechanical, Ultrasonic, and Electrical Properties of Concrete

by : Marwa Abd El Raouf Hassan Aly -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hassanien, A. A.,Dr. El-Gazery, M. E. - National Institute for Measurements and Standards
( Concrete, Admixtures, Ultrasonic Velocity, Electric Resistivity, Compressive Strength, Elastic Constants )

Analysis of Shallow Spherical Shells with Variable Thickness Resting on Pasternak Fondation

by : Ahmad Salah Eden Nassef  -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.,Dr. Hassan, M. T.
( Shells, Spherical, Shallow, Pasternak )

A Hybrid Integer / Constraint Logic Programming Approach for Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems

by : Mohamed Mostafa Ahmed Aboulela -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Malek, H. L.,Dr. Hassan, A. S.,Dr. Ismail, H. O.
( Combinatorial Optimization, Integer Programming, Constraint Logic Programming )

Fuzzy Inference System and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Analog Circuits Fault Diagnosis

by : Samah Mohamed El-Shafiey  -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.
( Neural Network, Fuzzy Inference System, Analog Fault Diagnosis )

Simulation and Modeling of Tunneling Carbon Nanotubes Field Effect Transistors (T-CNFETs)

by : Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Mostafa  -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raafat, N. H.
( Carbon Nanotubes; CNFET; T-CNFET; Simulation; Tunneling; Modeling; p-i-n; n-i-n )

Flowfield Dependent Variation Method Applied to Compressible Euler Flow Equations

by : Bassem Raafat Rateb Girgis -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A.
( Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Flow Field Dependent Variation (FDV) Method, Euler Equations, Finite Element (FE), Galerkin Method )

Numerical Solution of the Graetz Problem for Newtonian and Non Newtonian Bingham Fluids in the Entrance Region of A Circular Duct

by : Ibrahim Hamdy Abdel-maksoud Ali -  MSc - 2007
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hanna, L. I.,Dr. Saleh, H. K.,Dr. Sayed, M. E. -Fayoum University
( Graetz Problem, Bingham Fluid, Circular Duct, Numerical Analysis )

Stochastic Optimization Using a Non-Derivative-Trust Region Approach with Variance Reduction

by : Azza Adel Ahmed Rabie -  Phd - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Malek, H. L.,Dr. Hassan, A. S. O.
( Stochastic Optimization, Trust Region, Quadratic Interpolation, Variance Reduction )

Fractional Calculus Stability, Fractional-Oscillators, and Fractional-Filters: Theories and Applications

by : Ahmed Gomaa Ahmed Radwan  -  Phd - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Soliman, A. M.,Dr. Hussien, A. E. A.
( Fractional Calculus, Fractional-Oscillators, Fractional-Filters )

Finite Element Modeling of Multi-Exponential Diffusion Phenomena in MRI

by : Ahmed Abdel-Latif Mohammed  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Messery, M. A. ,Dr. Radwan, M. M. * ,Dr. El-Shafie, I. M. *
( MRI, Finite Element, Multi-Exponential )

Directionally Adaptive Least Squares Finite Element Method for the Compressible Euler Equations

by : Amr Gamal Mohamad Guaily -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A.,Dr. Abdel-Rahman, M. M.,Dr. El-Mallah, M. W.
( Finite Element, Compressible Flows, Grid Adaptation )

Analysis and Parametric Study for Forced Vibration of Floating Plates

by : Alfaisal Abdel Hameed Mohamed -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.,Dr. Fasseh, K. M.
( Floating Plates, Forced Vibration, Shearing Force, Fluid Backpressure )

Developed Model for Optimal Control of Mechanical Vibrating Systems

by : Wael Abbas Mahfouz Mohamed  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A.,Dr. Amer, M. A. *
( Optimal Control, Vibrating System )

Modeling and Characterization of Floating Photodiode and Active Pixel in a CMOS Image Sensor

by : Tamer Ahmed Taha Elkhatib  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Nahwy, S. A. ,Dr. Ragee, H. F. *
( CMOS Image Sensor, Active Pixel, Floating Photodiode, Carriers' Transport )

Analysis, Design, and Simulation of Enhancement Mode Quantum Dot Qubits

by : Nihal Yassin Mohamed Ibrahim -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Nahwy, S. A.
( Quantum Computer, Quantum Dot, Qubit )

Network Optimization and its Applications in Optical Network Design

by : Zein ElAbidin Mohamed Anwar  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Sayed, K. M. F.,Dr. Hassan, A. S.
( Optimization, Flow Problems, Routing and Wavelength Assignment )

Interconnect Synthesis in High Speed Digital VI SI Routing

by : Moustafa Abdalla Sayed Ahmed -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, A. E. A. ,Dr. Abdel-Maksoud, I. Y. ,Dr. Tawfik, M. S. *
( Interconnect Synthesis, VLSI Routing, Signal Characterization High Speed VLSI )

Gaussian Mixture Modeling Versus Auto Associative Neural Network for Analog Circuits Fault Diagnosis

by : Mohamed Ahmed Abolsoud  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.
( Gaussian Mixture Model, GMM, Auto Associative Neural Network, AANN, Analog Fault Diagnosis, Feature Extraction Techniques )

A New Algorithm to Protect RSA Cryptosystem Against Partial Key Exposure Attack

by : Naglaa Fawzy Abd-Elfatah  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amer, M. A. * ,Dr. Ragab, S. F. ,Dr. Shalash, A. F.
( Partial Key Exposure Attack, RSA Cryptography )

Information Flows and Network Coding

by : Raef Bahi Youssef Bassily  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Khairy, M. M.,Dr. Seif, N. P. A.
( Maximum Flow Problem, Network Flows, Network Coding, Erasure Packet Networks )

Phase Transitions of Tetrahedral Molecules Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

by : Khaled Hassan Sayed Barakat  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Salem, N. M. ,Dr. El-Sheikh, S. M. *
( Phase Transitions, Molecular Dynamics )

A Proposed Novel Design for an Optical Fingerprint Sensor

by : Tamer Ashour Elsayed Ali -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Nahwy, S. A.
( Biometrics, Optical Interference )

Modeling of Random Water Waves Depth-Transformation

by : Mohamed Mohamed El-Shabrawy -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Fasseh, K. M. ,Dr. Fahmy, M. A. ,Dr. Ahmed, O. F.
( Water Waves, Monochromatic Waves )

Improved Tanh and Sech Methods Applied to Nonlinear Evolution and Transmission Lines Models Equations for Obtaining New Exact Solutions

by : Mohamed Medhat Mousa  -  MSc - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ragab, S. F.
( Nonlinear Evolution Equation, Improved Tanh and Sech Methods, Solitary Waves, Nonlinear Transmission Lines )

The Solution of Stochastic Linear Partial Differential Equations Using SFEM Through Neumann and Homogeneous Chaos Expansions

by : Osama Hussein Galal Hussein -  Phd - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Tawil, M. A.,Dr. El-Tahan, W. W.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.
( Stochastic Finite Elements, Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Plates, Homogeneous Chaos Expansion, Neumann Expansion )

Numerical Study of Some Non-Newtonian Fluid Problems Using Variable Mesh Technique

by : Amany Mohammed Mohammed -  Phd - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hanna, L. I.,Dr. Ahmed, M. E. S. * ,Dr. Hafez, H. S. *
( Non-Newtonian Fluids, Bipolar Coordinate System, Fully Developed Region, Entrance Region )

Post-fabrication Circuit Tuning Using Unsupervised Learning Paradigms

by : Marwa Aref Abdel-Halim  -  Phd - 2006
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdel-Malek, H. L.,Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.,
( Circuit Tuning, Clustering, K-means, Self-Organizing Map, Gaussian Mixture Model, Fuzzy C-Means, Radial Basis NNT )

Stochastic Finite Element Methods (SFEM); Transformation and Spectral Approaches

by : Abd Allah Hussein Zaki  -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Tawil, M. A.,Dr. El-Tahan, W. W.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.
( Stochastic Differential Equation (SDE), Stochastic Finite Element Methods (SFEM), Random variable transformation, Stiffness matrix, Spectral SFEM, Random fields, Karhunen-Loeve expansion, Neumann expansion, Bernoulli beam equation, Exponential covariance model, Triangular covariance model. )

Three Dimensional Dynamic Response of Multilayered System Under Moving Dynamic Loads

by : Ayman Abdel Fattah Abdel Fattah  -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M.,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A.,Dr. Bichir, S. M.
( Multilayers, Dynamic, Moving, Load )

Optical Modeling of Distributed Feedback (DFB) Lasers and Solar Cells with Periodic Linear Textures

by : Sahar Ahmed Mohamed El-Naggar  -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aboul-Saood, A. A.
( Distributed feedback, DFB lasers, Textured solar cell )

Novel Prototype Methods for Pattern Classification

by : Hatem Adel Elhussieny Fayed  -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Attia, A. F.,Dr. Hashem, S. R.,Dr. Hussien, A. E. A.
( Pattern classification, Prototype classifiers, Hyperspherical classifiers, Nearest neighbor, Learning vector quantization )

A Combined Static and Dynamic Approach For the Recovery of Object-Oriented Design Patterns

by : Doaa Mohammad Shawky Farag -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, A. E. A. ,Dr. Abdel-Hafeez, S. K.
( Code analysis, Design patterns, Static analysis, Dynamic analysis )

The Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Based On the Orthonormal Hermite-Gaussian-Like Eigenvectors of the Discrete Fourier Transform Matrix

by : Waleed Abd El Maguid Ahmed  -  Phd - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Atta-Allah, N. P. ,Dr. Hanna, M. T. *
( Discrete fractional fourier transform, Continuous fractional fourier transform, Discrete fourier transform, Continuous time fourier transform, Eigenvalue decomposition )

Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Oscillatory Flow over Rippled Sea Beds

by : Tamer Heshmat Mohamed Ali  -  MSc - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Mallah, M. W. ,Dr. Zaki, M. A. F. ,Dr. El-Naggar, Z. A.
( Finite element, Rippled sea bed, Vorticity stream )

A Theoretical Study of Electronic Transport in Arrays of Ideal Quantum Dots

by : Mohamed Abdelaziz Kotb Naser -  MSc - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aboul-Saood, A. A.,Dr. Aboul-Hassan, A. L.
( Quantum dots, Non-eqilibrium green's functions, Coulomb blockade. )

Machine Learning Strategies for Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits and Design of Microstrip Antennas

by : Mohamed Darwish Abdelrahman  -  MSc - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A.,Dr. Soliman, E. A.
( Neural networks, Support vector machines, Committee machines, Analog fault diagnosis, Microstrip antenna )

Analysis and Design Techniques of Multilayered Microstrip Antennas and Arrays for Dual Polarized Applications

by : Tarek Ali El-Syed El-Moselhy -  MSc - 2005
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sanad, M. S. A.
( MoM, Green's function, Discrete complex image theorem, Microstrip antenna, Dual fed antennas, Dual polarization, Circular polarization, Array feed Network, Multilayered design )

Dynamic Response of a Crack in a Functionally Graded Plate under Anti-Plane Shear Loading

by : Ahmed Mohamed Abd Al-Towab Ali  -  Phd - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M. ,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A. ,Dr. Hassan, M. T.
( Cracks, Functionally graded materials, Dynamic, Plates )

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Narrow Tall Buildings(Flexural - Shear Plate)

by : Mohamed Danish Ismail Mohamed -  MSc - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M. ,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A. ,Dr. Abou-Hadima, S. A.
( Elasticity, Plates, Dynamic, Shear, Tall buildings )

A Modified Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Speaker Identification System

by : Moataz Mohammed Hatem El Ayadi -  MSc - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Gamal, M. A. ,Dr. Aboul-Yazeed, M. F.
( Gaussian mixture model, Text-independent speaker identification, Model selection techniques, Dimensionality reduction )

Free and Forced Vibration of Post-Buckled Delaminated Beam-Plate Resting on A Two Parameter Elastic Foundation

by : Ramadan Ahmed Esmaeel Ahmed  -  MSc - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nassar, M. M. ,Dr. Abdel-Gawad, A. A. ,Dr. Bichir, S.
( Delaminated plate, Elastic foundation, Buckling, Vibration )

Numerical Solution to Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems for Linear Ordinary Differential Equation

by : Khaled Mamdouh Ibrahim ElNaggar -  MSc - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, A. E. A. ,Dr. Sakr, S. Z. *
( Boundary value problem, Chebyshev series, Spline, Collocation, Integral equation )

Retaining the Coherent Field in Quantum -Statistical Laser Theory by Means of the Method of Collective Coordinates

by : Mohamed Mostafa Anber  -  MSc - 2004
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abouel-Saood, A. A. ,Dr. El-Sheikh, S. M.
( Coherent field, Collective coordinate, Non-equilibrium Green's functions, Solitons )

Developed programming Techniques to Solve Nonlinear PDEs with Application

by : Magdy Zakeria Rashad Mohammed  -  Phd - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A. ,Dr. Hussien, A. E.
( PDEs, Nonlinear, Numerical analysis, Finite difference techniques )

Biophysical Aspects of the Normal and Cancerous Cellular Activities - Computer Simulation Study

by : Essam Ahmed Mahmoud Gomaa  -  Phd - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Messiery, M. A. ,Dr. El-Tawil, M. A.
( Tumor growth simulation, Immune system, Radiotherapy, MRI )

Efficient Complexity Reduction Approaches for Hierarchical Software Performance Models

by : Fatouh Ahmed Lotfy Mohamed  -  Phd - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, A. E. ,Dr. Fergany, T. A. ,Dr. Abdel-Maksoud, E. Y.
( Complexity reduction, Performance evaluation, Parallel and distributed computation, Computation structure model, Queuing models )

Limiting Efficiency and Simulation of the Graded Bandgap Solar Cell

by : Ashraf Mohamed Abdel-Haleem -  MSc - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tayel, F. M. ,Dr. Habib, S. E. ,Dr. Raafat, N. H.
( Solar cell simulator, Graded-bandgap solar cell, Limiting efficiency )

Numerical Solution of Three Dimensional Flow and Heat Transfer for Non Newtonian Power-Law Fluids in the Entrance Region of a Square Duct

by : Karem Mahmoud Ewis El-Sayed  -  MSc - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hanna, L. I. ,Dr. Ahmed, M. E. S. ,Dr. Atwa, M. A.*
( Three dimensional fluid flow, Heat transfer, Non-Newtonian, Square duct )

Advanced Transmission of X-Wave Tunneling Through Multilayered Planar Structures

by : Bassem Henien Tawfik -  MSc - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tayel, F. M. ,Dr. Shaarawi, A. M. A. ,Dr. Radwan, M. M.*
( X-wave, Transmission, Tunneling, Localized wave )

The ADM-Pade Technique Applied to Solitary Wave Equations

by : Tamer Ahmed Mohamed Abassy -  MSc - 2003
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Tawil, M. A. ,Dr. Saleh, H. K.
( Adomian decomposition method (ADM), Pade approximants, ADM-Pade technique, Solitary wave equations, Burgers, Boussinesq equations )

Optimal Maintenance Policies with Minimal Expected Long-Run Cost Rate for Multi-State Deteriorating Systems

by : Sameh Abdel Rahman Sadek -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) :
( Maintenance policies, Control limit, Semi-Markovian, Policy iteration, Deteriorating system )

Numerical Solution for Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer of Robertson- Stiff Fluids in a Rectangular Duct

by : Amal Saif Elyazal Mohamed -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) :
( Numerical solution, Non-Newtonian fluids, Heat transfer )

New MOS Realization of Some Chaotic Equations Using Mathematical Transformations and Numerical Techniques

by : Ahmed Gomaa Ahmed Radwan -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hussien, A. E
( Chaos, Chaotic attractors, Chaotic circuits, Gm-C integrator )

Fuzzy Ideals and Fuzzy Real Numbers

by : Sherif Eid Nasr Ali -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Yehia, S. E.*
( Fuzzy set, Level-cut, Fuzzy group, Fuzzy ring, Fuzzy ideal, Fuzzy real numbers, Positive and negative intervals )

Parametric and Multiobjective Optimization Applied in Agriculture

by : Ibrahim Elsayed Abdel-Baky Aly -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Megahed, A. A.,Dr. Mohamed, E. A.
( Linear programming, Parametric programming, Multiobjective Optimization, Agriculture )

A Study of the Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of Tin Oxide Films Deposited by a Spraying Technique

by : Guirguis Adib Guirguis Badawi -  Phd - 2002
Supervisor(s) :
( Thin films, Tin oxide, Spraying )

A Numerical Model for MESFET Amplifiers

by : Sherif Farouk Mohamed Farid -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) :
( MESFET model, Intermodulation, RHF, LHF )

Study of 6Li using Refined Resonating Group Method

by : Hazem Abdel Azim Ali Bedawy -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) :
( RRGM – 6Li , Scattering )

On Solution of Stochastic Optimal Control Problems

by : Ahmed Abdelnaby Ahmed Mahmoud -  MSc - 2002
Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Tawil, M. A.,Dr. Bahnasawi, A. A
( Stochastic optimal control, Maximum principle )

Study of 6Li using Refined Resonating Group Method

by : Hazem Abdel Azim Ali Bedawy -  Phd - 2002
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tayel, F. M. ,Dr. Shaarawi, A. M. A. ,Dr. Salam, H. M. A.
( RRGM - 6Li , Scattering )

Modified Back Propagation Algorithm for Learning Artificial Neural Network

by : Waleed Abd El Maguid Ahmed -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr E. A. Mohamed
( Back propagation, Modified back propagation )

Beam Equation under Stochastic Dynamic and Moving Loads

by : Osama Hussin Galal Hussin -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr M. A. El-Tawil
( Beam, Stochastic differential equations, Stochastic loads )

Issues on Multiple-Valued Logic and Fuzzy Logic

by : Moataz Saleh Mohamed El-Zekey -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr. E. A. Mohamed ,Dr. N. N. Morsi - Maritime Transport Academy
( Nonclassical logic, Syntax, Semantics, Adjointness, S-type implications )

Integer Linear Programming and its Applications in Architecture

by : Hesham Osaman Mohamed Ali -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr. E. A. Mohamed ,Dr. S. F. Ragab
( Integer, Objective-constraint, Zooming, Cut plane, Gomory )

Beam Equation under Stochastic Dynamic and Moving Loads

by : Osama Hussein Galal Hussein -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr. A. A. Abdel-Gawad ,Dr. M. A. El-Tawil
( Beam, Stochastic differential equations, Stochastic loads )

Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms

by : Mohamed Abd El-Rahman El Serwy -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr E. A. Mohamed
( Genetic algorithms, Mutations, Crossover, Filter, Amplifier )

New Quantization Methods for DCT Based Digital Image Compression Techniques

by : Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman -  MSc - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr E. F. Abdel-Gawad
( Quantization, DCT, JPEG, Entropy, MSE )

Experimental Study of a Time Varying Gas Discharge

by : Fatma Mohamed El-Tokhi -  Phd - 2001
Supervisor(s) : Dr H. M. Hussien,Dr M. A. El-Shaer,Dr A. L. Aboul-Hassen
( RF discharges, Langmuir probe, Plasma potential, EEDF )

A Study of the Biothermal Effects that Lead to Pressure Ulcer with a New Design for Prevention

by : Ahmed El Sayed Ayoub -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr M. A. El-Messiery
( Pressure ulcer, Temperature control, Electromechanical design )

A Novel Approach for Combining Neural Networks during Training for Time Series Modeling

by : Hatem Adel El-Hussieny Fayed -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. E. Hussien,Dr Z. H. Ashour,Dr S. R. Hashem
( Time series, Neural networks, Combining techniques )

Vibration of Uniform and Tapered Beams Resting on Elastic Supports

by : Emad Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr M. M. Nassar,Dr A. A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr S. I. Awaad
( Vibration, Tapered beam )

Post-Buckling Behavior of a Finite Beam Resting ona Nonlinear Elastic Foundation

by : Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Towab -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr M. M. Nassar,Dr A. A. Abdel-Gawad,Dr M. T. Hassan
( Beams, Elastic foundations, Buckling )

Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Differential Equations Tutorial

by : Mohamed Abdel-Aziz A. El-Beltagy -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. E. Hussien,Dr A. A. Sharaf
( ITS, CAI, AI, Tutorial, Expert systems )

Computational Spectral Methods in Partial Differential Equations

by : Abd-Allah Hussein Zaki Mostafa -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. E. Hussien
( Discrete Chebyshev transform, Complete spaces, Orthogonal polynomials, Sturm-Liouvill systems, Chebyshev polynomials )

A Two Dimensional Optical Device Simulator with Application to MSM-PD

by : Yasser Mohamed A. El-Batawy -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr F. M. Tayel,Dr A. E. Salama,Dr N. H. Raafat
( Photodetectors, MSM-PD, Device simulation )

A Two-Dimensional Model of Wave-Induced Longshore Currents

by : Kameal Tawfik Mitry Mina -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr M. A. Fahmy,Dr H. A. Refaat
( Wave refraction, Longshore currents, Basin topography, Eddy viscosity coefficient, Longshore non-uniformity )

Optimization of Computer Communication Network Topologies Using Genetic Algorithms

by : Mohamed Elsayed Mostafa Saad -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. E. Hussien,Dr S. M. A. Eid
( Optimization, Computer networks, Topological design )

Diffraction of Strongly Refracted Progressive Water Waves

by : Khaled Mohamed F. Abd-El Kader -  Phd - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr M. A. Fahmy
( Water waves, Refraction, Diffraction, Parabolic approximation )

Time Series Forecasting Using Mixtures of Neural Networks and ARIMA Models

by : Ahmed Sayed A. Mohamed -  MSc - 2000
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. E. Hussien,Dr Z. H. Ashour,Dr S. R. Hashem
( Time series, Neural networks, Combining techniques )

Using Artificial Neural Networks for Modeling and Forecasting Time Series

by : Ali Abdel Hakeem Said Rawash -  Phd - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr Z. H. Ashour,Dr S. R. Hashem,Dr E. F. Abdel-Gawad
( Neural networks, Time series, Forecasting. )

Intermolecular Potentials Derived from the Second Virial Coefficient

by : Mona Amin El-Naggar -  Phd - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr F. M. Tayel,Dr S. F. Ragab,Dr A. A. H. El-Maghazy,Dr T. L. Hassanein
( Second virial coefficient, Mie intermolecular potential model, Modified Buckingham potential model, Hypergeometric functions, Whittaker’s functions, )

Inverse Problems for Interval Matrices

by : Maha Amin Aly Hassanein -  Phd - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr A. S. Deif,Dr N. P. Seif
( Inverse problem, Interval matrices, Linear system of equations eigenvalue problem. )

A Detailed Analysis of Current Enhancement in Thin Silicon Solar Cells Using Different Light Trapping Schemes

by : Sahar Ahmed Mohamed El-Naggar -  MSc - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr. F. M. Tayel ,Dr. M. Y. Ghannam ,Dr. N. H. Raafat
( Solar cell, Light trapping, Optical confinement, Thin film. )

The Total Least Squares Problem: Analysis, Computations and Applications

by : Rawhy Ismail Madbouly El-Safty -  MSc - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr. N. P. Atallah ,Dr. H. K. Hassan ,Dr. S. A. Hussien
( Least squares, Total least squares, Singular value decomposition, Structured matrices, Constrained optimization. )

One Dimensional Consolidation of Fully Saturated Soils with Geometric and Material Nonlinearity under Dynamic Loading.

by : Ayman Abd El-Fattah El-Maghraby -  MSc - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr. A. A. M. Abdel-Gawad ,Dr. S. E. M. Bishir
( One-dimensional, Consolidation, Soils. )

Duality in Linear Programming with the Ellipsoidal Technique: Transformation and Comparison

by : Iman Mohammed Shaban Sharaf -  MSc - 1999
Supervisor(s) : Dr. H. L. Abdel-Malak ,Dr. S. A. El-Bardissy ,Dr. A. S. Hassan
( Linear programming, Duality, Ellipsoidal technique. )