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An Approach For Planning Eco-Industrial Parks

by : Samah Ahmed Sayed -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Salah Eddin Ouf
Dr. S. Tamer Abe Elaziz
( Ecology –echo industrial park- - sustainable industrial area - industrial park )

Intelligent and Responsive Façade Engineering

by : Mahmoud Ahmed Ramadan -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Iprahem Ahmed Naser Eldeen
Dr. Tamer Nabil Mahmoud
( Responsive Facade; Intelligent Facade; Sustainability; Smart Material; Energy Efficiency )

BASIC OF DEsign and Implementation methods for underwater construction As A Determinant Of The Shape And Building Materials Under The Sea

by : Amr Abbas Saleh Ghebreel -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Abdel Majeed Elshazly
Dr. Tarek Ebrahem Nasr Eldeen
( Underwater; Design; Implementation; Material; Form )

Enewable Energy Embedded Public Open Spaces ‘‘An Approach Towards Sustainability”

by : Khlood Moustafa Mohammed Fouad -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amr Mostafa Kamal EL-Halafawy
Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Amin Mohammed Amin
( Sustainable urbanism; public open spaces; Landscape elements; Renewable energy technologies; Energy-scape elements )

Environmental Sustainable Interior Design For Homes Case Study Of A Sustainable Home In Egypt

by : Hadeer Sayed Mohamed Abdelrehim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr, Cairo University
Dr. Noha Hossam Nashaat ,MSA University
( Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Interior Design Elements, Materials & Resources, Equipment & Systems, Triple Bottom Line approach (Environmental, Social, Economic Aspects). )

Title of thesis Real estate development stages for upper middle and luxurious housing levels; analytical study of new urban communities in greater Cairo.

by : Engineer's  Ramy Mohamed Morad -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Prof. Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohamed Ibrahim
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Saeid Shalaby
( Real Estate Process, Real estate development stages, gated communities, Real Estate Market Shortage, Upper mid And Luxury Housing Level )

Towards Constructing a Local Comprehensive Framework for the Preparation of Successful Urban Upgrading Projects in slum Areas in Egypt.

by : Eslam Hussein Ali Hassan -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Amr Bhagat,Cairo University,
Dr. Abou El Fotouh Saad Shalaby, Cairo University
( slum areas - urban development - Entrances to development and upgrading -urban management )

Impact of Integrating Wind Corridor on Compact Urban Morphologies “Ansys Fluent as a CFD Tool For More Energy Efficient and Sustainable Development”

by : Osama Ahmed Aly Elmassah  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abdellatif Aboulata
Dr. Mohamed Anwer Zayed
( : Urban morphology; Wind behaviour; Wind corridor; Compact development; ANSYS Fluent. )

A Methodology for Applying Contemporary Building Technology in the Reconstruction in Syrian Arab Republic (An Economic Study of Housing Projects)

by : Salah Eddin Mahmoud Hamad -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Eweda
( Contemporary building technology; Reconstruction; Syria; Pre-fabricated; Housing. )

Towards a Conducive Urban Environment for Biking as an Active Mode of Transport

by : Haidy Ibrahim Saeed Khalil -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Salah el din Ouf
Dr. Dalia Ahmed AbouBakr
( Health, Urban mobility, Active transport, Urban environment, Bike-friendly environment )

Public Library Design From an Environmental Psychology Perspective Case Study of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

by : Zeinab Mostafa Hassan Ibrahim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham SherifGabr, Cairo University
Dr. Noha Hossam Nashaat, MSA University
( Library, Psychology, Environment, Behaviors, Responses )

Historical Districts Revitalization in The Information Age

by : Aliaa Mohamed Shokry Abbas  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Anwer Zayed
( Historical Districts; Heritage; Revitalization; ICTs; Trending technologies )

Energy Efficient Retrofit in Residential Buildings to Achieve Environmental Sustainability and Combat Climate Change

by : Shahd R. A. Abuserriya -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed
( Energy consumption; Energy efficiency; Retrofit; Residential buildings; Sustainability. )

Methodology For Evaluating Tall Buildings And Their Impact On Urban Development. " Egyptian Case Study"

by : Mahmoud Taha Elsayed Khamis -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
( (High Buildings - Development - Sustainability - City Centers - Urbanization) )

The Reflection of the mutual influences of the Cultural and Social dimension on the Skyline and its impact on the Architectural and Urban visual perception of the City

by : Maha Mohamed Lotfy EL-Nday  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nassr El-Dein , Cairo University
( Sky line, Cultural and social dimensions, Aesthetics of Architectural Formation, Architectural composition of the facades, Visual perception. )

Reconcile Use Of Landscape Elements And Quality Inputs To Raise The Efficiency Of The Median Spaces Performance And Encourage Walkability

by : Salma Sayed Ahmed Ali  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amr Mostafa El-Halafawy
Dr. Rasha Abd El-Rahman Moussa
( Median Spaces - Elements of coordinating Median Spaces – User psychology - Pedestrian Movement - Pedestrian Quality Needs. )

Sustainability of Green Smart School

by : Hajar Ayman Mustafa Taha -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
( )School design - sustainability - smart schools - online education ( )

‘Green practices and systems for operation and maintenance in existing public buildings Policies, strategies, legislations, and smart methods to achieve sustainability’ "

by : Mariam Mohamed Ali Ibrahim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Aboulnaga - Cairo University
( : Operation and maintenance systems - Operational rehabilitation-Energy efficiency- Sustainability and Green maintenance- Environmental footprint. )

Efficiency of nursing unit design for hospital buildings

by : Elshaimaa Elsayed Abdelkader Ibrahim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hammam Ezz Eldin Serag Eldin, Cairo University
Dr. Ahmed Hussein Sherif,The American University
( Design efficiency, nursing unit, flexibility, patient privacy, hospitals )

Evaluating Smart Architecture Technologies as a Method to Raise the Efficiency of the Environmental Compatibility of the

by : Taghreed Ibrahim Mahmoud Helaly -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Hussein Azmy.
Dr. Sherif Hussein Abbas
( Smart buildings – achieving the user’s comfort – automation, response, effectiveness )

Living Skin As A Tool For Achieving Energy Efficiency Inside Kindergarten Classes In Hot Arid Climate

by : Rania Gamal El- Deen Ahmed  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Naila Farid Toulan
Dr. Ayman Hassan
Dr. Ehab El Shazly
( Living Skin; Kindergarten Classes; Urban Heat Island Effect; Cooling Loads; Design Builder Simulation )

Towards Assessment Approach for Thermal Performance of The Open Urban Space - Focus on Business Parks at New Communities- Hot Arid Climate

by : Aliaa Adel Ahmed othman -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amain
Dr. Ayman Hassan Mahmoud
( Urban heat island, Urban open space, Outdoor thermal comfort, Business Park, Geometric parameters )

Introducing strategic approach to energy efficient building (An applied study of the built environment in yemen )

by : Ali Abbas Yahya Al-Olofi -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Mohamed RedaAbdallah
Dr.Tarek Ibrahim Nasreldin
( Energy; Zero Energy Buildings; Renewable Energy; Building Envelope; Residential Buildings. )

  Evaluate the principle of privacy in architecture through laws and legislation  [ Islamic age - modern age] 

by :  Deena Mostafa Ahmed Abdelaziz  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh kamal-eldin sameh 
(  Privacy in Architecture. Laws and legislation. The Islamic Mameluke and Modern age. Rights of neighbors.  )

by : Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah Hasballah -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abdallah Ali
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr ELdin
( (Parametric design - Generative systems (Voronoi) - Morphological design (transformation) - Nanomaterials - Genetic Algorithms) )

Socio-Economic Impact Assesment Of Slums Development “Post-Replacement And Occupancy”

by : Hagar Ebrahim Mahmoud -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Hussein Abdul Qader
Dr. Tamer Mohamed Abdel Aziz
Dr. Abdul Khaleq Abdul Rahman Awad , Cairo University
( Slums; Slums Social and Economic Impact; Post occupancy evaluation (P.O.E) )

Reducing Energy Consumption At College Buildings

by : Israa Sayed Mamdouh -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed A Fikry
Dr. Reham El-dessuky
( Collage Buildings; Environment; Sustainability; Shading; Energy )

An Integrative Approach To Place Branding Through Urban Uniqueness And Liveability

by : Walaa Abdul-Mohsen Fathy  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Shahdan Ahmed Shabka
Dr. Azza Amin Serry
( Place branding; Place brand experience; place uniqueness; Urban quality; sense of community )

A Design Approach To Improving Energy Of Research Laboratories Buildings In Greater Cairo Region

by : Fatma Al-Adel Mostafa Ahmed -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fikry
Dr. Reham El Dessuky Hamed
( Sustainable laboratories; Energy efficiency; Building envelope; Thermal Comfort; Laboratory Design approach. )

The impact of spatial properties on workplace violence at the Egyptian emergency departments

by : Nada Hamdy El-Sayed Ahmed El-hadedy -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohammad Ibrahim
Dr.. Momen El-Husseiny
( Workplace Violence, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Space syntax, Egyptian emergency departments, and Healthcare Design. )

  Classifications Of Gated Communities In Egypt 

by :  Aya Osama Ahmed Kamal -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Salah Eldin Ouf 
Dr. Ahmed Essam Ahmed El-Malt 
(  Gated communities; Compounds; urbanity; Egypt; Housing and Community Development  )

  Towards A Sociocultural Model For Sustainability Assessment Systems In The Arab Region 

by : Basant Ashraf Ahmed Hassan Al Mallah -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ouf
Dr.. Naila Toulan 
(  Sustainability; Sociocultural; Globalization; Sustainable Development; Assessment Systems  )

" Ecological Architecture Restoration - Towards A New Ideas of Eco-Architecture to Revitalization Communities"

by : Mohamed Adel Mohamed Al-garawany -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Moemen Gamal El-din Afify
Dr. Magda Mohamed Kamel Seddik
( Urbanization; Ecosystem; Ecological Urbanization; Eco-Architecture; Clusters )

Building Economics A Computerized Methodology Improving The Economic Life Cycle Value Of Governmental Middle-Income Housing Projecs In Egypt

by : Mohammed Maher Rabie Lakousha -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Eweda
( Life Cycle Value; Computerized Methodology; Middle Income Housing, Housing Effectiveness; Housing Economics. )

Development of desert lands in new cities by activating the principle of Iqta’a in Islamic law

by : Amira Atef Zaki Yacoub -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Rowaida Reda Kamel
Dr. Heba Allah E. Khalil
Dr. Doaa M. El-Sherif ,Housing &Building National Research Centre)
( (must be 5 words only)Urban development; development in Islamic law; development of desert lands; new cities; Iqta’a )

by : Mariam Hazem Mohamed Mahdally -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Dalia Ahmed Abou Bakr
( Education; Environmental Psychology; Interior Design Psychology; Interiorscape; Exam Stress and Anxiety )

  Principals for new architectural additions to historical buildings 

by :  Asmaa Abbas Helmy Mohamed Moner  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Emad Ali-El Deen El-Sherbini 
Dr.Hassan Fahmi Imam 
(  architectural additions; Expansions and additions; Building in historical area; Principals for historical buildings; Principals for architectural additions  )

Festivals as Catalysts for Spatial Transformation The Case Study of Festivals of al-Khalifa District in Historic Cairo

by : Maram Adel Muhammad Muhammad Arafa -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohamed Ibrahim
Dr. Doha Mohamad Magdy
Dr. May Ahmed Ibrahim al-Ibrashy
( Festivals; Placemaking; al-Khalifa District; Mawlids; Athar Lina Initiative )

Responsiveness of the Emergency Housing to users’ needs A case study in Mansoura City

by : Basma Mokbel Mohamed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. zeinab Y.Shafik
Dr. Dalila Y. El_Kerdany
Dr. Rania E.Abd El_Hakem
( Users’ need in Housing Projects; Emergency projects; Adaptations of users in housing projects; El_Magzar housing project; Mansoura. )

Deducing A Model For Measuring The Global Tourism Industry Success

by : Omnia Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abdel-Latif Aboul-Atta
Dr. Asmaa Abdel- Aty Mohamed
( Global tourism industry; resources; tourism strategies; statistical models. )

A Causal Model as an Approach of Assessing Relationship between Humanizing Street Design and Managing Traffic Impact

by : Nora Osama Mohamed Abdelmonem Ahmed -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amr M. El-Halafawy
Dr. Ahmed M. Amin
( Livable Street; Environmental capacity; Environmental Areas; Level of service; Causal Bayesian Network )

The Methodology Of Applying Smart Management To Modern Systems And Their Role In Architecture And Environmental Urban Development

by : Davit Abd el-Massieh Ghobrial -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
( (Smart architecture - smart systems - smart management - smart urban development - smart sustainable cities) )

Numerical Investigation Of Valved Pulse Jet Engine Design Parameters On Performance

by : Abdalrazik EssamAldin Abdalrazik Ali  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aly AbdelFatah Hashem
Dr. Ahmed Tawfik Elaweel
( Valves; Pulse Jet Engine; Constant volume combustion; Characteristic boundary conditions )

New Sustainable Urban Approaches As A Tool To Activate “Liveability” (With Special Reference To Residenyail Neighbourhoods In New Urban Communities In Egypt)

by : Nehal Mahmoud Nour Eldien Mohamed Amin  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Rowaida Reda Kamel
Dr. Rania Ibrahim Abdelhakam
( Liveability/ new urban approaches/ sustainable urbanism/ international programs/ new urban communities )

Interdisciplinary Design Education Toward a Pedagogical Framework in Architectural and Engineering Programs

by : AbdelRahman Mahmoud Youssef Badawy -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abdullah
( Architectural Education, Interdisciplinary Design, Course Development, Design Studio, Architectural & Engineering Construction (AEC). )

Designing for autism spectrum Redesigning mainstream schools to include children with Autism.

by : Nouran Hamdy Ewiss -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Karim El-Ghazaly Kesseiba
Dr. Mennat-Allah Mohsen El-Husseiny
( Autism; Inclusion; Mainstream schools; Redesign; Autism friendly. )

Social and cultural sustainability and its impact on resettlement projects (With application to the Asmarat neighborhood project(

by : Enas Mohammed Yassen  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. AHMED SAID SHALABY
( :Resettlement policy - Asmarat project - Sustainable social development - Culture urbanization - Community participation. )

Landscape effect on the building energy saving

by : Safynaz Reda Ahmed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed
Dr. Passaint Mohamed Mossoud , French University in Egypt
( Green roofs, Shade trees, Green areas effect on buildings, Landscape for cleaner environment, Landscape for energy efficiency. )

The Usage Of Virtual Reality Technology In Recording Architectural Heritage

by : Nermin Essam Abouelfetouh Ali Amer -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abdallah
Dr. Tariq Ibrahim Nasreddin
( Documenting Architectural Heritage- Risks Threatened Architectural Heritage- Virtual Reality- Laser Scan - Cultural Presence. )

The design of residential living spaces and the influence of user needs, activities, and preferences.

by : Salma Magdy Khalil AbdElFattah -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham S. Gabr
( Psychology; living room; furniture; color; lighting )

Energy Efficiency Assessment Of Technical School Buildings; Using The Dynamic Energy Model And Energy Baseline Estimation.

by : Salma Mohamed Mohamed Hassan ElBahy -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassaan Mahmoud
( Technical Education; Workshops; Energy Baseline; Energy Model; Thermal comfort. )

The Utilization of Nano-technology as a Design and Operation Directive of Islamic Gardens to reach Sustainability

by : Riham Hassan ABD-Fattah Hassan AL-Shrief -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aly Hatem Gabr
Dr. Mona ELBasyouni
( Gardens ,Islamic gardens, sustainability , Nanotechnology ,A sustainable garden )

Global Energy Framework – Policies, Strategies, and Measures of Zero Energy Buildings Approaches, Initiatives, And Barriers Towards Egypt’s Vision

by : Khaled Mostafa Kamal El-Saied Mohammed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Aboulnaga,Cairo University
( Energy, Energy Efficient buildings, Near Zero-Energy Buildings, Near Zero-Energy Strategies and Policies. )

Assessment Of Controlling Noise Through Simulation (Case Study Primary National Schools At Cairo)

by : Nerveen Tarek Lotfy Badr Solima -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fekry
Dr. Reham Eldessuky Hamed, Beni Suef university
( Schools, acoustics quality, reverberation time, noise measurements and noise control. )

The Role of Sustainability in Mitigating Carbon Emissions in Cities and Adapting to Climate Change A Study of Assessment Tools.

by : Hanan Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Aboulnaga, Cairo University
( Climate change; GHG and Carbon emissions; cities and buildings; CO2 assessment tools in cities and buildings; sustainable development Goals and Green Economy. )

Strategies Of International Organizations In Urban Development In Egypt

by : Amira Muhammad Mahmoud Abd El-Maksoud Motawe -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby
Dr. Raina Ibrahim Abd-Al-Hakem
( International Organizations; Urban Development; Urbanization; Strategies of Sustainable Urban Development; Reference Framework of Sustainable Cities )

Urban Development Of Tourist Areas Towards Formulating A Amechanism For Tourism Development Management In Egypt

by :  Sayed Abdel Sabour Al-Sayed Al-Ghandour -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El-din Sameh
( Development, tourism urbanization, strategic planning, development mechanisms )

A methodology for improving the indoor air quality of educational spaces in university buildings with SINGLE FACADE

by : Asmaa El-Sayed Ali Ismaiel  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fikry .
( Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Natural ventilation-carbon dioxide-university buildings-lecture halls )

Evaluation of Recycle Techniques for Straw Bales in Architecture (Low Rise Residential Buildings)

by : Christeen Ibrahim Youssef -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed
( Sustainable development, Recycling Waste, Natural Resources, Recycle Techniques, Straw Bales. )

  The Development of Creative Thinking to Reach a Creative Architectural  Product  A proposed Approach for using SYNECTICS as a Creative Thinking Method to Develop the Design Thinking Process 

by :  Samar Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Zeinab Yousef shafik
Dr. Dalia Aboubakr 
(  Architecture design, Architectural creativity, Methods of developing creative thinking, synectics tool, Torrance Test for Creative Thinking, Measuring the product of architectural creative design.  )

A Comprehensive Study of Gated Communities to excel Socio-Culturally, Spatially, Environmentally, and Economically

by : Ahmed Hisham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Salem -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasreldin
( Gated communities; Urban segregation; Key participants’ motives; Design guidelines; Urban continuity )

by : Mayar Magdy Hassan Kassem -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. .Hesham Amr Bhgat
Dr. Lobna Abd El Aziz Ahmed
( Transport and mobility - sustainable development - sustainable transport planning - smart transport systems - smart sustainable cities. )

Using principles of biomimicry to improve the environmental performance of skyscrapers in a hot climate

by : Abdulfattah Mohammed Yahya -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fekry
Dr. Abbas Mohammed El-zafarani
( Biomimicry; Skyscrapers; Hot climate; Nature strategies; Enveronomental performance )

Evolving Shopping Mall Image And User Perception And Cognitive Performance

by : Omnia Hesham Mostafa Aboseree -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Yasmeen Mohamed Elsemary
( Shopping malls, User’s Perception, User’s Performance, avoidance and approach behavior, preference and attractiveness. )

Toward a Unified Architectural Theory of Cairene Traditional Mosques

by : Eslam Ahmed Moussa AbdulGawad -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed M. Abdel Ghaffar
Dr. Dalia A. AbuBakr
( Islamic architecture; Mosques; Interpretive Approaches. )

Urban and Architectural character in the light of economic and social transformation starting from July revolution 1952 to 2011- an applied study on Shubra region

by : Nada Mostafa Abbas  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Salah Eldin Ouf
Dr. Sherin Ali Gammaz
Dr. Sarah Mostafa Godda
( Urban – Urban Character – Architectural Character – Economical Transformations – Social Transformations )

Impact of Information Technology and Augmented Reality on Tourist Perceptions of Heritage Sites as a New Approach for Heritage Conservation

by : Ghada Hassanin Hassan Hassanin -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abd el Ghaffar
Dr. Sameh Mahmoud Talaat el-Feki , MSA University
( Heritage tourism, Augmented Reality, Heritage Conservation, ICT, Perception )

Assessing the Impact of the Integrated Biophilic Healing Interior Design Approach on Patient Satisfaction in Pediatric Cancer Healthcare Facilities

by : Tasneem Gamal Abdelhamid Ibrahim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Laila Mohamed Khodeir, Ain Shams University
Dr. Dalia Ahmed Abou-Bakr
( (Healing environment; Biophilia; Cancer; Pediatric; Post Occupancy Evaluation) )

The effect of smart technologies on raising the efficiency of the building envelope (Analytical study of administrative buildings)

by : Aya Mostafa Kamel Mohamed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sameh Hussein Sameh
Dr. Hinar Abo El-Maged Ahmed
( (Administrative buildings - smart architecture - smart envelope - smart materials - smart technologies) )

Re-Visiting Catenary Structures; Towards New Spatial Properties

by : Eslam Abdelkhalek Metwally -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Medhat Dorra
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Dewidar
( (must be 5 words only)Shell Structures ; Grid Shells; Form Finding; Material Manipulation; Transparent Shells; )


by :  Areej Badr Eldin Fathy Mohamed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Prof. Dr. Mohmed Medhet Dora 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamer Mohmed Abd ElAziz 
Assoc. Tamer Mohamed Abd ElAziz
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussam Mohmed Abd ElAziz
(  Technology Revolution / Digital Architecture / Parametric Architecture / International programmes تأثير العمارة الرقمية على الواجهات والأثاث الداخلي (مع ذكر خاص للمباني الثقافية) )

Architecture Automation The Integration Of Building Information Modeling (Bim) And Geographic Information System (Gis) For Sustainable Environment From The Building To The Urban Scale

by : Hagar Mohammed Ibrahim Abdel Halim  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fekry
Dr. Reham Eldessuky- Beni Suef Uni.
( Architecture automation; BIM; GIS; BIM and GIS integration; Sustainable urban; )

Energy Efficiency Assessment In Educational Buildings (Universities) To Adapt To Climate Change- Measures, Criteria And Strategies

by : Mohamed Ismail Hamed Youssef -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Aboulnaga,Cairo University
( Educational buildings; Universities; Energy efficiency; CO2 mitigation; Climate change adaptation )

Monitoring Functional And Aesthetic Elements Of Housing Preferences In Middle Class Gated Communities.

by : Shahira Mohamed Mohamed Elhosary -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Rowaida Reda Kamel
Dr. Dalia Ahmed Aboubakr
( Housing Preferences; Stated and revealed preferences approach; Gated communities; Functional and Aesthetic dimensions; Middle class. )

Raising The Efficiency Of Buildings Performance By Using Smart Facade Technology To Improve Efficiency Within Architectural Spaces

by : Basma Abdelhakeem omar taha Ahmed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdallah
Dr. Menatallah elhousieny
( Efficiency, modern technology, smart Architecture, environmental factors, educational buildings. )

The Impact Of Multiculturalism On Architecture

by : Shahinda Hashim Abdel Mageed Khalifa -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
( Multiculturalism; Culture; Activity; Street )

Early Architecture Design Quality Optimization using BIM

by : Reem Mustafa AbdelAziz Mustafa  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sherine Mohy Eldin Wahba
Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed Mahmoud
( Early architecture design, BIM, design quality optimization, design quality guidelines, design assessment )

The Spatial Safety Perceptions in Mobility Nodes Gender and Qualities of Public Transportation space

by : Reem Cherif Fawzi Mohamed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Dalila Yahia ElKerdany, Cairo University.
Dr. Tamer Nabil El Serafi, Cairo University.
( Public Transportation; Gendered Mobility; Safety Perceptions; Travel Patterns )

by : Alaa Marouf El-Saied Yusuf -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr . Hesham Sameh Hussein Sameh
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr El Din
Dr. Hinar Abu El-Majd Kalifa
( (Design flexibility - interactive design - flexible construction systems - flexible construction techniques - flexible construction ) )

Role of Spatial indicators in the measurEment of happiness in deteriorated public spaces

by : Nedaa Hany Mahboub Ahmed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr, Cairo University
( Spatial Well-being; Subjective Well-being (SWB); Science of Happiness; Deteriorated areas, Public Spaces )

An analytical study of the factors affecting the accuracy of cost estimation in the early stage

by : Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Ali  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abdullah
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasreldin
( Cost estimation, Cost factors, Early stage for project, Cost impact, Estimation accuracy )

Design of Smart Building Envelope as a Tool to Achieve Thermal Comfort for Occupants.

by : Reem Taher Hassan Abdelaziz -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Walid Abdelmoneim Abdelkader
Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Medhat
( Thermal comfort; Thermal performance; Smart building envelope; Internet of Things (IoT); Smart materials. )

A guideline for designing a sustainable urban neighborhood development based on Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

by : Ahmed Mohamed Shahat Sawy Bondok -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby
Dr Rania Ibrahim
( Neighborhood, Sustainable Urbanism, Development, TND, Modern principles )

Sustainability As an Entry Point For Designing New Urban Communities "Applying the Two systems LEED- ND / Green Pyramid "

by : Noha Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh kamal Eldeen
Dr. Henar Abo-Elmaged Ahmed
( Sustainability; LEED - ND System; Green Pyramid System; Urbanism; New Urban Communities )

  Ways and methods of conserving the urban heritage in historical cities Case study of old city of Sana'a 

by :  Abdulkareem Ali Abdullah Mohammed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : : Dr. Ahmed Salah Eddin Ouf 
Dr. Ahmed Essam El-Malt 
(  conserving; Ways and methods; urban heritage; historical cities; old city of Sana'a  )

Urban management of historical regions in Baghdad

by : Hadeel Mowafaq Mahmood Dawed -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Salah Eddin Ouf..
Dr. Heidi Ahmed Shalaby, Al- Zagazig University
( Urban management, urban and administrative indicators, historical regions, urban morphology, conservation standards for historical areas. )

  The Technological Design Of High-Rise Buildings Envelopes And Its Effective Role In Improving The Performance, And Energy Conservation "Towards A Methodology For Adaptive Envelopes Design" 

by :  Mahmoud Abdulaziz Abdulhalim Ahmed  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abdullah
Dr. Tareq Nasr-Eldin 
(  Adaptive; Envelope; Performance; Energy; Skyscrapers  )

Assessing Reuse Alternatives For Valuable Buildings With Consideration To Sustainable Heritage Development Criteria

by : Marwa Sayed Mohammed Mohammed  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amr Moustafa Kamal El Halfawi
( Architectural heritage; urban preservation; reuse; Numerical evaluation; sustainable heritage development )

Formulating a Participatory Housing Management System for New Urban Settlements with Special Reference to Communal Lifestyle Patterns

by : Yasmeen Bakeer Abdel-hameed El-Abbasy -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Amr Bahgat
Dr. Rowaida Mohamed Reda
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin Mohamed
( Community lifestyles; urban legislation; social sustainability; urban competence; residential environment urban management )

Towards A Sustainable Strategies For Creating Decentralized Economic Regional Hubs And Capitals

by : Mohammed Osama Mohammed Rasmy  -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abdel Latif Aboul-Atta, Cairo University
( Decentralization Strategies; Economic Hubs; Regional Capitals; Sustainable Development; Smart hubs. )

“The Impact Of Modern Technology And Artificial Intelligence On Office Buildings’ Design”

by : Shaban Hedek Ibrahim Ibrahim -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
( )Smart buildings, Intelligent systems, Artificial intelligence, Sustainability, GALLERIA 40 ( )

A Method For Measuring The Efficiency Of The Performance Of Logistics Areas And Their Impact On Development "Case Study Of The Suez Canal Corridor Development Project"

by : Abd El Raouf Atef Abd Allah -  Phd - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
( Logistics Areas - Development - Global Competitiveness - Efficient Logistics Performance )

An Analytical Study Of Success Elements Of Development Corridors Within International Coalitions.

by : Yusuf Mohamad Hamed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abd El Latif Aboul-Atta
( Urban Development Corridors, International Development Corridors, International Integration, International Coalition. )

The Effect Of Rehabilitation Classroom’s Interior Design On The Psychology Of Children With Cochlear Implantation

by : Youmna Samy Abdelazim -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Nasr, Cairo University
Dr. Tamer Refaat Abdelhamid
( Cochlear implant; Interior Design; Classroom; Deaf Space; Architecture Design )

Industrial Technical Education As A Community Development Tool (Suez Canal area )_Approach to Recruitment.

by : Dalia Ahmed Beshary Abd Elbaset -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Naila Mohamed Tolan
Dr. Ghada Ali Raafat
( Industrial Technical Secondary Schools -Development- Production Units- Labor market- Recruitment and Emiratisation controls. )

Energy Conservation in Residential Buildings Case Study Retrofitting Existing Residential building into Zero Energy Consumption Building

by : : Dina George William Nasseem  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Moemen Afifi
Dr. Architecture Department college of Engineering Cairo University
( Energy efficiency, existing residential buildings, code markers, solar cells )

Appraisal of Thermal Performance of Multi Family Residential Unites in South Sinai (Case Study Tur Sinai- Sharm El Sheikh)

by : Sara Sayed Abdelbary Hamed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin
Dr. Ehab Farouk Rached
, El Sherouk Academy
( Thermal comfort, Environmental design in South Sinai, Conserving the consumption of energy in residential buildings, Green building rating systems, South Sinai's architectural character. )

Nanotechnology as a Tool for Designing Energy Efficient Building

by : Sarah Gamal Saleh Mohamed  -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr Ahmed Ahmed Fikry
Dr. Reham El-Dessuky Hamed
( Nanotechnology; Residential building; Energy consumption; Energy efficient Building; Building envelope. )

The Rolr Of Colour In Design Of Urban Space “Study Of Urban Space Between Residential Community”

by : Mohamed Emad Abed Elnafe -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby
Dr. Walaa Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed Nour, Tanta University)
( Color - chromatic design - psychological effect - psychological dimension - urban space )

  Criteria For Achieving Sustainability And Quality Of Life When Designing New  Urban Communities. 

by :  Ayat Mohamed Hussien Sayed -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal El Din Sameh
Dr. Henar Abu Al-Majd Ahmed 
(  Sustainability quality of life new urban communities - the relationship between sustainability and the quality of life.  )

  Implementing A Framework For Government Administrative Existing Office Buildings Retrofitting

by :  Aya Anas Shalaby -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Fekry
Dr. Ayman Hassan Mahmoud
Dr. Reham Eldessuky 
(  Existing Office Building, Office Building Retrofitting, Modern Office Buildings, Framework for Building Existing Retrofitting, Energy Efficiency.  )

Architectural Narrative and Montage of Spaces Using Cinematic Strategies to Enhance User Spatial Experience

by : Zeyad Seddik Mohamed Moussa Seddik -  MSc - 2021
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Medhat H. Dorra
Dr. Khaled M. R. Dewidar
( Architecture Design; Spatial Narrative; Film Montage; Storyboards; User Experience )

Walkability As An Integrated Strategy For Urban Heritage Regeneration Of The 20th Century Neighborhoods Case Study Maadi Neighborhood

by : Mariam Ahmad Abdullah Hemid  -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Dalila Yahia El- Kerdany
Dr. Zeianb Youssef Shafik
( Walkability , Urban Heritage , 20Th neighborhoods, New Urbanism, Maadi Neighborhood )

An Advanced Model for Measuring Development in Countries Regions (International Study)

by : Mohamed Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar Fawzi Abdel-Ghaffar -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abdel-Latif Aboul-Atta
( Regional Development, Regions, Indicators, Statistical Matrix, Advanced Model. )

The Site Role In The Sustainability Of Industeial Areas

by : Moataz Syed Ali Muhammad -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ingy M. Barmelgy
( Renewable Energy , Industrial Cities, Industrial Location , Sustainability, Urban Planning )

An Integrated Approach for Facility Management of Buildings Using 3D Laser Scanning

by : Ahmed Gouda Mohamed Mohamed -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdallah
Dr. Mohamed Mahdy Marzouk
( Facility Management; As-Is Condition BIM; Point Clouds; Semantic Web Technology; Condition Assessment; Fund Allocation; Artificial Neural Network. )

The application of kinetic systems technology to develop the methodology of the strategies of designing pavilions in international exhibitions

by : Hesham Yahia Abd El Malek Essa -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Abd El Mageed Al Shazly
Dr.. Mohamed Reda Abd-Allah Ali
Dr. AlMoataz Bellah Gamal Eldin Abd ElAzem, Banha University
( Kinetic ; Responsive ; Interactive ; Adaptive ; Hybrid )

Developing A Retrofits’ Application Varaibles Model (Ravm) As A Decision- Making Tool For Envelope Retrofits Applied To Existing Office Buildings In Cairo/Egypt

by : Shereen Omar Mohamed Galal  -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. M. Moemen Afify
( Office buildings, External envelope, Decision-making, Retrofit variables, Cairo/Egypt. )

A Holistic Framework For Green Project Management Of Sustainable Housing Projects

by : Dina Eid Khater -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Abdelmageed Elshazly
Dr. Ahmed Samer Ezeldin
( green project management; performance index; critical success factors; integration concept; guide model )

Using development indicators as a tool for effective and applicable urban development (using GIS)

by : Mohamed Shawky Mohamed Mohamed -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed
Dr. Ingy Mohamed ElBarmelgy
( )strategic plans - geographic information systems - urban development indicators( )

Model for measuring sustainable development in existing Egyptian cities.

by : Eman Sayed Mohamed  -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Abdel-Latif Aboul-Atta
( Sustainable development , sustainable development indicators, international and domestic indicators programs , cities classification, cities sustainability )

Smart-Eco-Eco Home Application Of Intelligent Concept Through Sustainable Upgrading Strategy And An Economic Responsive Approach As A Catalyst Of Change To Smart Integration Concept (

by : Ahmed Adel Ahmed Mohamed Ismail -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : :Dr. Mohamed Momen Afify
( Sustainable Homes, Smart approach, passive and active Design, building automation system, energy management. )

Placemaking Process of Sociable Public Places in New Urban Communities

by : Lamyaa Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Shehata -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Aliaa Hussein Said Al Sadaty
( Urban spaces; placemaking process; sociability; guideline model; new urban communities. )

Sustainable Preventive Conservation Of Architectural Heritage "A Scientific Methodology For The Protection Of Heritage Buildings From Disaster Risk "

by : Sobhy Amin Mohamed Elashmawy -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Mohamed Al-Shazly
Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdallah
Dr. Ashraf El-Saied Bastawisi ,Housing & Building National Research Center
( Sustainable Preventive Conservation , Disaster Risk Management,Saving architectural heritage,Rehabilitation and reconstruction of architectural heritage )

Rooting the Values of Islamic Societies Architecture An Applied Method for Reformulating the Synonymous of Parametric Architecture in Islamic and Innovative Local Form

by : Bassem Mohamed El-Sayed Kandil -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdulla ALI
( The Holy Quran, Earth Reconstruction, Religious Values, Modern Technology, Parametric Design. )

Enhancing daylight Utilization in Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings using Building information Modeling

by : Maryam Mahmoud ElSharkawy -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Mahmoud, Architecture Dep.
Dr. Mohamed Mahdy Marzouk, Structural Eng. Dep.
( Sustainable heritage; Daylight simulation; Optimized strategy; Visual comfort; Conservation, Heritage Building reuse )

A Paradigm Shift Generation of Open Innovation Framework for Building Industry

by : Tarek Yehia Mohamed Kattaria -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman H. Mahmoud
Dr. Ayman F. Wanas
( Building Industry - Collaboration - Open Innovation - Paradigm shift - Innovation Framework. )

Management of the Economics of Technological Systems for the Treatment of Building Facades An applied study to determine the design criteria for double skin facades in hot areas.

by : Hamed Salama Hamed Abd El-Aal Khalil -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Abd El-meguid El-Shazly. .
Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fekry.
Dr. Mohamed Reda Abd Allah.
( Design Decisions. Double Skin Facades, Rationalization of Energy Consumption, Quality of Environmental. )

A framework for sustainable conservation of architectural heritage using Nanotechnologies – khedivian city as case study

by : Ihab Zakaria Mohamed Mohamed Dabouh -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Abdul Majeed Al-Shazly
( Cultural heritage; Adaptability; Heritage conservation; Sustainability; Nanotechnologies )

An Evaluation Model For Green Wall Design Alternatives In Outdoor Public Spaces

by : Abdallah Ahmed ElHady Saad Ahmed El-Naggar -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Amr Mostafa El-Halafawy
Dr. Rasha Abd El-Rahman Moussa
( Vertical green walls; Aesthetics; Enclosure space; Life Cycle; Scheme Design )

Responsive Child Friendly Open Spaces in Residential Communities in Egypt A Child Participatory Approach

by : Marwa Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Prof. Dr. Mohamed Medhat Dorra
Prof. Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Assoc. Prof. Indjy Mohamed Shawket
( Child, Open Spaces, Child Friendly, Child participation, Residential Communities. )

Towards An Advanced Scientific Methodology For Designing Exhibition Halls From The Perspective Of Digital Technology (The Digital Exhibition Halls )

by : Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hesam Samah Hussain
( The Digital Revolution, Parametric Architecture, Algorithms, Digital Manufacturing, Interactive Architecture )

Elicitation Develop Model Builder To Develop Open &Green Spaces, By Integration Between Principles Of Smart Growth & The Goals Of Sustainable Development Applied To Egyptian Cities

by : Mohamed Saeid Mohamed Ibrahem Elkhateb -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mohamed ElBarmalgy
( Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Open Space, Green Areas, Existing Cities. )

Planning for Quality of Child Urban Life An assessment tool applied on Greater Cairo communities.

by : Aya Ahmed Nazeh Adly Elkhouly -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sahar Attia
Dr. Mohammed Anwer Zayed
( Child Friendly Cities, Quality of urban Life, Urban planning, Assessment tool, Cairene communities. )

Design A Model to Measure and Assess the Performance of Egyptian Cities Within the Framework of Raising and Improving the Efficiency of The Urban Development System

by : Hussein Abdel-Rahman Hussein El-Halawany -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sawsan Bakr
Dr. Fahima El-Shahed
( Urban Development - Urban Planning - Performance Indicators - Measurement and Evaluation )

by : Nada Raafat Mohamed. -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Salah Eldein Ouf.
Dr.Naala Mohamed Farid Toulan.
( Public Art – Square and Plaza – Impact the Public Art – Identity – Cultural )

The Identity and Culture Impact On The Individual Behavior Within Architectural Spaces (Monitoring and documentation of the cultural background and modern intellectual trends and their impact on the individual behavior within housing ( Medium Housing kind)

by : Khlood Hassan Abdel Latif azouz -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Hesham Sameh Hussein
Dr. passaint Mohamed masoud
( Cultural - identity - behavior - home )

The Role Of The Transport Sector In Local, Regional And International Development.

by : Mena Ali Hassan Hassan El-Sisy -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek AbdEl-Latif Aboul-Atta
Dr. Asmaa AbdEl-Atty Mohamed
( Airports; Ports; Railways; Roads; Development )

Promoting Community-Based Ecotourism Development At The Natural Areas In Egypt (Barriers To Effective Planning Through Egyptian Ecotourism Initiatives Evaluation)

by : Marwa Salah El-Dein Hussein Hassan  -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. M. M. ELBARMELGY
( Ecotourism; Community; Participation; Development; Environment )

Methodology for optimization of energy Efficiency using vegetated façades in Multi-Story Residential buildings With reference to cold semi-arid and hot arid climates

by : Reem Ali Talib Alothman -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin
Dr. Ayman Hassaan Ahmed
( Energy consumption; Green vegetated façade; Multi-story residential; CO2 emissions. )

Semiotics of Architecture- Semiotics as an Analysis Tool for Architectural Visual Language - Case Study a Semiotics Analysis for Mosque Architecture

by : Nora Farouk Zaki Elalfy -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Salah el din Ouf
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abdel Ghaffar
( (Semiotics- Architectural Language- Semiotic Analysis – Elements and Tools of Semiotic Analysis-semiotics of architectural mosque.) )

Hedonic Pricing for Estimating the Impact of Quality Of Life Characteristics on the Real Estate Value of Luxury Housing Units in Egypt

by : Omar Mohamed Sayed Ismail -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby
Dr. Haitham Samir Mahmoud
( Hedonic Pricing / Quality of Life / Real Estate Value / Luxury Housing / New Communities )

Utitizating Smart Technologies For Achieving Energy Efficiency In Five-Stars Hotels In Hot Regions Using Interactive Modeling Users In Guest Rooms

by : Dalia Magdy Mohamed Kassem -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed R. Abdin
Dr. Mohsen M. Aboulnaga
Dr. Gehan A. Elsayed
( Smart systems, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, user interactive modelling, guest rooms in 5-star hotels )

Parametric Optimization of Daylighting performance for Skylight Design Configurations in Shopping Malls A Case Study

by : Wessam Mohamed Salah El-Din Talat El-Abd -  Phd - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Medhat Hassan Dorra
Dr. Mohamed MoemenGamal El-Din Afify
Dr. Basil Ahmed Kamel(Prof. of Architecture -American University)
( natural lighting; Commercial buildings; Skylight; opening ratios; energy consumption )

Reading Patterns of urban Development - Special Reference to Cairo’s Recent Heritage

by : My Essam Ali Khalil Mohamed ElSamra  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Dalila El Kerdany
Dr. Sahar Imam
( Urban Morphology; Incremental Change; Character Preservation; Urban Contexts of Value; Regeneration Process )

Future Architecture in Science Fiction Motion Pictures Between Dreams of Utopia and Anticipated Dystopia

by : Yosra Mohamed Ahmed  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohamed
Dr. Sherine Mohy Eldin Wahba
( Future Architecture; Science Fiction; Futures Studies; Architectural Visions; City Visions )

Airport Cities and aerotropolis

by : Mohamed Sayed Hussein Omar  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Salah Eldin Ahmed Ouf
Dr. Doha Magdy Eissa
( Airport city – Aerotropolis – Airport Corridor - Aeronautical activities – Non Aeronautical activities )

Developing The Requirements Of The Layout Planning Elements Of The Industrial Block Case Study Of The 6th October Industrial Zone

by : Amany Elhasan Atyia -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohamed
Dr. Salama Saleh Ayad
( The Layout Planning Elements ,The Industrial Block , The Requirements Of The Layout Planning Elements , Industrial Zones , new cities، )

The effect of elderly's needs and activities on design public open spaces

by : Walaa Magdy Rashdan Ibrahim -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mohamed El Barmelgy
Dr. Mohamed Anwar Zayed
( Elderly Needs; Public Open Spaces; Age Friendly Cities; Urban Design for Elderly )

The Role of Bio-Energy in the Design of Healing Gardens to help ADHD Patients.

by : Ruba Ahmed Gaber Ali -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abdelghaffar
( ADHD; Bio-Energy; Healing gardens )

Circular Economy for Mitigating Climate Change Impacts Applications of Agricultural Wastes as Natural Thermal Insulation Materials – Case Study of Residential Buildings to Achieve Sustainability

by : Sarah Adel Mohamed Saleh  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohsen Mohamed Aboulnaga
( Circular economy; Climate change; Natural thermal insulation materials; Agricultural Waste; and Sustainability )

The Phenomenology Of Light In Mosques An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Light Experience in Al-Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

by : Yasmine Mahmoud Saad Abdelhamid  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sherine M. Wahba
Dr. Dalia Aboubakr
( The Philosophy of Phenomenology; Phenomenological Analysis; Light Experience; Spiritual Experience; Mosques Architecture )

Effect Of Nanotechnology Applications In Fire Fighting In Buildings

by : Afnan Mohamed Ali ELtemamy -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr . Mohamed Sameh KamalELden Samh
Dr . Tarek Ebrahem NasrELden
( Fire hazards , Fire fighting, Nanotechnology applications , Building protection , Building treatment )

A Study Comparing Traditional And Contemporary Accommodation In El-Arish In Terms Of Thermal Comfort.

by : Dina Mohamed Selim Salem -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Ahmed Ahmed Fekri
( Traditional house, Clay architecture , Outdoor cover, Thermal Comfort. )

Effect of Adaptive Solar Façades on Daylight and Glare for Office Buildings -An Analytical Study in Hot Arid Climate of Egypt

by : Doaa Ahmed Mohamed Ali -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ahmed fikry
Dr. Reham El-Dessuky Hamed
( Visual comfort; Glare; Daylighting; Adaptive façades; Rhino software )

An analytical study of the design of patients' rooms envelope in hospital buildings to achieve sustainable design

by : Rasha Mohammed Hani Hassan Ezzat Mahran -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed Mahmoud
( Green Hospitals; Energy Efficiency in Hospitals; Building envelope. )

Design Principles For Effective Governmental Schools In The Knowledge Era.

by : Reham Farouk Abou Dagher -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. HISHAM SHERIF GABR
( Knowledge Era, Development, Transformation of education principles, New Schools' Design model, Effective learning environment. )

Role of Nile Riverfront in Shaping Perception of Public Urban Spaces

by : Ahmed Adel Mohamed Nasser -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr . Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Abas Mohamed El Zafrany, Cairo University
( Nile riverfront; landscape; Rehabilitation; Nile river; Placemaking, Public Spaces )

Biogeometry Introduction to Applications in Architecture.

by : Mohamed Abo Arb Moahmed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhit El dora
Dr. Hesham Sameh
( Biogeometry: Radistia: Sick Buildings: Energy Bio forms: )

Public Art In The City

by : Samira Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Salah El Din Ahmed Ouf
Dr. Nailah Mohamed Farid Helmy Toulan
( Public art; Concept; Form; Egypt; Public )

Patterns of Experimentation and Re-experimentation Innovative Approaches for Affordable Housing in the 21st Century

by : Menatalla Mohamed Abdel-Latif Mohamed Ramadan -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aly H. Gabr
( Innovation; Experimentation; Re-experimentation; Affordable Housing; Experimental housing )

Legislations Governing Planning of Industrial Zones and Their Impact on Achieving Sustainable Industrial Development

by : Noha Salah Mahmoud Ali -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mohamed El Barmelgy
( Urban Legislations – Industrial Area Planning -Industrial Zone Laws - UN SDGs -Sustainable Industrial Development )

The Role of Prefabricated Buildings in Establishing Cities and the Administrative Capital.

by : Merna Ezz Eldin Amen  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Eweda.
( Building Buildings in Cities - Prefabricated Buildings Construction in The New administrative capital) . )

The Impact of Contemporary Building Technology Development on Architectural Trends (In the Second half of the 20th Century)

by : Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Mohamed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Supervisor:
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Eweda
( (Modern building technology: "building materials, executive systems and methods - operating method, elevator technology - computer technology - modern architectural trends and ideas). )

Development of Desert Areas.

by : Hany ahmed Abuelella -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Prof. Planning
Dr. Tamer Abd El Aziz
( Development of Desert Areas, North Sinai. )

Efficiency Enhancement of Administration Buildings Through Nanotechnology Applications Under the Sustainability Frame.

by : Mohammed Saied Ahmed Ahmed Qassem -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hesham Sameh Hussein Sameh
Dr. Hynar Abul Magd Khalifa
( (Sustainability, sustainable architecture, Nanotechnology, relationship between Nanotecnology and sustainability, Effciency enhancement of administration buildings). )

Prediction Of Urban Growth Based On Accessibility Using GIS \ CA Integrated Approach

by : Ahmed Rabie Mohamed Hamed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed M. El­Barmelgy
( Urban Growth; Urban Simulation; Roads/Transportation Network; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Cellular Automata (CA). )

Reduction of Energy Consumed In Office Buildings

by : Nada Adel Abd ElAzim Allam -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr Eldin
( Sustainability, Green architecture, Passive design, Active design, Energy consumption )

The rehabilitation of historic buildings in a sustainable way for saving energy

by : Noura Adel Abd EL-Azim Allam  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr El-Din
( Historic buildings; Building treatments; Rehabilitation; Sustainable strategies; Building efficiency. )

Guide line principles for electromechanical works (Fire Fighting) for the Coptic Heritage Church buildings

by : George Medhat Adeeb Yacoub -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Ahmed Naser
Dr. Sherif Raouf Amin Morgan
( Heritage building; Coptic Orthodox Church; Rehabilitation; Fire Fighting; Civil protection works )

Reduction of Energy Consumed In Office Buildings

by : Nada Adel Abd ElAzim Allam -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr Eldin
( Sustainability, Green architecture, Passive design, Active design Energy consumption )

Influence of Post-Renaissance Ideology on Egyptian Post-Traditional Architecture A Case Study of Cairene Islamic Religious Buildings

by : Omar SeifAllah Mohamed Samy AbolNaga  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Aly H. Gabr
( Post-Traditional; Post-Renaissance; Traditionalism; Egyptian MosqueArchitecture; Symbolic Architecture )

Assessment And Design Principals For Sustainable Coastal Waterfront Communities A focus on urban sustainability certifications

by : Radwa Zakaria Abd Elhamid -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr.Mohammed El Barmelgy
( Urban sustainability; Urban Waterfronts; Sustainability Certification; Waterfront Communities )

Cost- Benefit Management of Reused Materials in Landscape

by : Dalia Mohamed Fawzy Omar Ibrahim  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin
Dr. Asmaa Abdelaty Mohamed Ibrahim
Dr.Nermin Mokhtar Mohamed Farrag
( Leftover Spaces; Reused Materials; Up-cycled Materials; Cost- Benefit Analysis; Landscape )

In Quest for Intangible Roots to Livable Routes “With Special Reference to Users’ Preferences”

by : Mirame Mahmoud Abd El Monaim  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Zeinab Yousef Shafik
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin Mohamed
( Intangible elements; Street urban fabric; Users’ preferences; Livable street; Intangible Urban street qualities. )

Towards a framework for principles of value engineering through the use of nanotechnology "An analytical study of office buildings"

by : Ahmed Ibrahim Abd El-Satter Ali -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Tariq Ibrahim Nasr
Dr. Tamer Nabil Mahmoud
( Nanotechnology- Nanomaterials- Value engineering- Life cycle cost – Office building )

Factors of success for Capital Cities Case study of the new administrative capital

by : Mostafa Mohamed Hamed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sahar Attia
Dr. Ahmed Essam
( Cities - Capitals - Extensions of urban cities - National Capitals -Administrative Capitals )

The Impact of Urban Planning on Crime Rates in Egypt

by : Sara Mostafa Abdel Aziz Ismail -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Anwer AbdALLAH Zayed
( Crime, Built Environment, Urban Planning, Space Syntax and CPTED )

A methodology of integration between kinetic systems and sustainability to improve daylighting in existing educational building.

by : Asmaa Morsy Omar Mohamed Ghonim  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed Mahmoud
( Energy, sustainability, kinetic, lecture hall, daylighting )

Alternative Architecture As Approach To Achieve Energy Efficiency (Enhancing Bio-Mimetic Design In Architecture)

by : Menna-t Allah Adel Hanafey Abd El-Gawad -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr . Hesham Sameh Hussein Sameh
( (Energy Conservation, Construction waste, Alternative medicine, Alternative architecture, Bio-mimicry in architecture) )

Strengthening Place Identity through the Recognition of Urban Environment

by : Dina Taher Hassanin Ibrahim  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Dalila Yahia El-Kerdany
Dr. Sahar Hassan Imam
( Urban environment, Place-identity, Recognition of urban environment, Physical and non-physical aspects, Valuable urban fabrics. )

Appropriating Guidelines For A Convivial Urban Space “With Special Reference To Landscape Features

by : Heba Tallah Osman Said Ahmed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin,
Dr. Mona Yehia Shedid, Banha University
( Conviviality, Convivial Urban Spaces, Guidelines, Landscape Elements, Variables of Landscape )

A Design Approach Using Biogeometry And Autism Design Principles In Autism Schools Specially (Classrooms) To Improve Their Behavior And Educational Performance

by : Basant Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin
( Subtle energy; Biogeometry; Autism; Autism schools; Checklist )

Conservation of Archeological Sites against Urban Sprawl "Sustainable Development Strategies For Mattariyea Area"

by : Rasha Emad Eldin Mahmoud  -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Dalila Yahia ElKerdany
Dr. Tarek Sayed Tawfik
Dr. Aliaa Hussien AlSadaty
( Archaeological areas, architectural and urban conservation mechanisms for activating sustainability in archaeological areas, urban extension )

Flexibility of Architectural Design in Schools

by : Marwa Helmy Ahmed Elazab -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Zeinab Yousef Shafik
( Flexibility; Future needs; changing needs; Multi-purpose & Multi-functional; Change design; Innovation; Functional problems; Schools. )

Visual privacy of windows analytical study of housing. buildings in new towns

by : Manar Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelrahman -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Rowaida Mohamed Reda
Dr. Raghad Mofeed Mohamed
( Visual privacy - Openings - Housing buildings - Codes - Laws )

Biophilic Hotel Design Adaptation Approaches for Enhancing Guests’ Experiences & Well-being

by : Raghda Hatem Mahmoud -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Dalia Ahmed Aboubakr
( Sensory design; hotel guest satisfaction; psychological well-being; adaptation strategies; biophilic design elements )

3d Printing Technology As A Way To Improve Construction Economics

by :  Hend Shaaban Gaber Elgendy -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hesham Sameh Hussain Sameh    
(   3D Printing; Additive manufacturing; Construction System; 3D Construction Printing (3DCP); Low Cost   )

Mapping and Assessing the Municipal Irrigation Water Use The Case of Districts 3 and 4 in Al-Rehab Settlement

by : Sarah Mohammed Salah ElDin Asar -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Nabeel Elhady
( Water consumption; Water scarcity; Green Areas; New Cairo; Irrigation Management )

Defining Urban Indicators of social Justice by Analyzing Urban Management Policies as an Approach to Achieving Quality of Life in New Cities

by : hisham shawki amin abd el nabi -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Al-Baramalji
Dr . Mohamed Reda Hajjaj
Dr. Tamer Mohamed Abd el-Aziz
( Urban indicators - social justice - urban management - quality of life - new cities. )

Architecture And Tourism Using Architecture As Means Of Promoting Tourism And Preservation Of Cultural Identity

by : Yomna Ahmed Bahgat Abdellatif Shahin -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby
( Architourism; Contemporary; Culture; Branding )

The Impact OF Transit Orianted Development On Urban Areas Applied Analytical Study On Greater Cairo

by : Mohamed Ahmed Abdu Khalil -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sahar Abdel Moeim Attia.
Dr. Heba Allah Essam Khalil.
( (must be 5 words only)Transit oriented Development; Sustainable transportation; Sustainable development; Oriented Transportation )

“The Impact of Sustainable Urban Mobility on the Development of Egyptian New Cities”

by : Sara Yehia Mahmoud Aly -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed S. Shalaby
Dr. Heba Allah Essam E. Khalil
Dr. Tamer Nabil Mahmoud ElSerafi
( Urban Development; Egyptian New Cities; Sustainable Urban Mobility; Green Modes of Mobility; Sheikh Zayed City )

Suitability of Public Spaces to Human Needs Condition of Addict Healthcare Facilities- Governmental & Private Hospitals

by : Assem AbdelWahab AbdelKareem -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Naila M. F. Toulan ,Cairo University
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasreldin ,Cairo University
( Addiction- Human Needs- Psychiatric Patients- Psychiatric Hospitals )

Pedestrian First Sidewalk design for walkable cities

by : Asmaa Saber Abd-elmawgod Mohamed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Ouf
Dr. Hisham Bahgat
( Sidewalk; Path; Walkability; Pedestrian; Streets )

Reducing energy consumption for administrative and commercial buildings by using dual moving interfaces technology

by : Khlooud Mostafa Abd-alfatah Mohamed -  MSc - 2020
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohammed Reda Abd-Allah Cairo University
( Kinetic architecture, Kinetic systems, alternative energy, energy consumption, modern materials ....... )

Daylighting Design Optimization Of Hospital Patients' Room Using Light Redirecting System For Visual Comfort Under Desert Clear Sky

by : Aya Mohamed Hisham Ahmed Essa -  MSc - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ayman Hassaan Mahmoud
( Daylighting, Visual comfort, Light selves, shading devices, Hospital, optimization )

Environmental And Economic Impact Of Integrating P.C.M.s in Buildings' Envelope

by : Omar Abd El Rahman Soliman El Rouby -  MSc - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Mo'men Afifi
( Phase changing materials; Energy conservation; Heat storage; Thermal comfort;Payback period )

Design Aspects Of Miniature Parks "The Egyptian Case Study"

by : Noha Ahmed Mohamed  -  MSc - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin
Dr. Aliaa Hussein Al-Sadaty
( Miniature Parks ; Design ; Management ; Maintenance. )

Towards a methodology for raising the efficiency of the functional performance of early childhood educational spaces. Case study Kindergarten classrooms of Egyptian private schools.

by : Nouran Magdy Mohamed Ibrahim  -  Phd - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Medhat Mohamed El Shazly
Dr. Mohamed Thabat Ismail , Modern Academy
( Kindergarten Architecture; Childhood development; Kindergarten’s classroom; Developmental interior designable themes; quality of infancy )

Urban Governance and the Mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation Planning within Local Government The Case of Giza Governorate, Egypt

by : Yara Emad Muhamad Elsaied Muhamad Eissa -  MSc - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hebatallah Essam E. Khalil
( Climate Change Adaptation, Mainstreaming, Urban Governance, Urban Climate Governance, Cities )

Generation of architecture form using time factor (new vision of time as a vector)

by : Eslam Ahmed Hamdy Abd El Khalik Abd El Wahab -  Phd - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hesham Sameh Hussein,Cairo University
Dr. Mohammed Reda Abd-Allah ,Cairo University
Dr Asamer Zakaria Ahmed,Modern Academy
( Time, Coordinates, Vectors, Time vector, Architecture forming. )

Social Sustainability as a Designing Tool for Urban Communities in Egypt's New Cities"

by : Haitham Desoqui Mohamed Essa -  MSc - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Rowaida Reda Kamel Dr. Ahmed Saeed Shalaby Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Kamal
( Social Sustainability; Urban Communities; Human Needs; Community Participation; Quality of Life )

The Architectural Education between the Invariable and the Changeable – Practice as a Base of the Educational Structure

by : Areeg Alwaleed Abd Al-Hakam Al-Adel Ahmad  -  Phd - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Bahaa Aldin Hafez Bakry (God bless his soul)
Dr. Ihab Mohammad Abd Almaguid Alshazly
( Education – Architectural Education – Educational Structure – University Education – Educational Model )

Future Cities To Sustainability

by : Safaa Mohamed Mahmoud Said -  Phd - 2019
Supervisor(s) : Dr. Mohamed Moemen Afify
Dr. Amr Farouk El Gohary, Ain Shams University
( Future Cities, Future Architecture, Utopia, Sustainability, Virtual Model. )

Scientific Methodology, to choose Nanobuilding and finishing materials , to reduce Maintenance works in administrative buildings